Suffering from acne can be a tug of war.  While treatment for mild cases can be quite easy, moderate and severe acne can be challenging to the point where dermatologists cannot permanently cure severe cases. They can only manage the condition.

However, if you can effectively commit to some skin care techniques, you will be on your way to bidding acne goodbye for good.

Be intentional

Acne isn’t a skin condition that you can handle in passing. You have to be intentional about every step you take to get rid of it. Whatever remedy you choose must be adhered to with strict commitment. Take prescription medicine according to the stipulated directions.

If you will get the acne-free skin that you want, you must use acne treatment properly. If you are visiting your dermatologist, take along a notepad to jot down every instruction you will receive. Simply note the time to apply particular treatment options and the order in which you are to take them.

It is important for you to know that the fact that acne clears from your face after treatment doesn’t mean it has been permanently handled. If your acne is moderate or severe, you would have to continue treatment for a long time to prevent recurrence.

About OTC Remedies

Apart from medication prescribed by your doctor, there are other ways to treat acne. Besides using medications prescribed by a doctor, there are several options out there such as facial cleansers, pore cleansers, skin cleansers and many more that can be used to fight off acne for good.

While you may be tempted to scrub off acne from your face, you must not do that. This is because the popular opinion that acne occurs when skin pores are clogged by dirt is a myth. You must not scrub your face with a washcloth or over-wash the skin. Instead, use a gentle skin cleanser. Also, use lukewarm water and make a gentle motion with your fingertips as your basic skincare regime. Before you start washing your face, wash your hands thoroughly.

Do Natural Treatments Work?

Natural acne treatments work, said, but you will take steps to find what will work for you. Usually, gentle cleansers sold as acne solutions will cut it. Use products made from natural look for gentle cleansers that are sold as acne solutions, for example, products including herbal ingredients such as Echinacea, tea tree oil, aloe vera and many more. Many of these have antibiotic and antibacterial properties that soothe and relieve irritated skin. Though it is important to moisturise your skin to retain its lustre, oily skin can aggravate acne condition. It is, therefore, advisable that you use a moisturiser that is oil-free and non-comedogenic i.e. won’t clog skin pores.

Apart from the urge to scrub your acne away, you may also be tempted to remove acne with your hands to clear your skin. If you have acne, avoid touching your face except for when you want to wash it and it must be gently done with a mild cleanser. If you try to remove your acne with hand, you may create irremovable scars. You should be patient for your treatment method to show results. This can take between 6-8 weeks.

Men suffering from acne may find it difficult to shave. All hope is not lost and you don’t have to forcefully grow a beard. Just use a gentle razor like the Gillette Sensor Excel or an electric razor. You should also use a moisturising shave gel to make it easier.

Women that have acne also face some challenges.  The major is finding the right cosmetics. Many times, cosmetics can aggravate acne conditions especially for those who regularly use foundation.  It is better to take a break from some cosmetics options. If you must use any, ensure you select only oil-free brands and non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your skin pores. If you can keep to this, you will use the make-up of choice and still effectively treat your acne.

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