Whenever I see someone like myself who enjoys a long distance challenge, I always like to scope out what gear he or she may be carrying and what equipment they might use to their advantage doing these long runs.

Of course when you are running over 15k its best to carry some form of hydration, preferably on with running belts, which include a few necessities such as basic first aid supplies (Band-Aids) and sad but true, our smartphones always seem to make the list. I do tend to carry my smartphone for emergency use only, as I often take trails up into nowhere – where I tend to not see another living soul for a few hours.

Running off into “the wild” with running belts

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01FYM7AR4″ locale=”US” src=”http://www.medicalisland.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/51MDHHyy6YL-1.jpg” tag=”medicalisland-20″ width=”500″]I don’t consider what I do as “training” but rather a standard hobby in which I like to push my limits by taking off into often unknown trails and disappearing for a few hours into pure solitude.

The bliss of leaving the buzzing world of humans behind me is perfectly calming as I take off with just my basics stashed or strapped to one of my running belts. From what I remember, I don’t usually need much, even in the event of an emergency. It sounds like I am talking of a distant memory, but when I am in the “zone” there is nothing else in my mind other than a continuous flow of positive thoughts – as who can be negative in such a beautiful and natural environment.

Water is, of course, my top priority. Without water, I wouldn’t feel safe, and so strapping a couple of light bottles of H2O to my running belts always keeps me going. I often like to add some extra vitamin powder or electrolytes to give me that extra boost when necessary.

Second on my list is my cell phone, which I admit is shameful for me to talk about carrying a cell phone on a trek, however, god forbid something happens to me on the way, at least I know I can contact the emergency services.

Everything else that snuggly fits in my running belts and isn’t heavy, is welcomed to join me on my run! Even though I often don’t need much more other than what I had stated above.

Correct running with healthy benefits

I have picked up some pretty positive running habits by watching my fellow runners during races or marathons. Since I like to run alone on my casual trail runs, I tend to stick with whatever it is that I do, without little change. But by seeing what others have accomplished through modern hacks such as the belts, new style of running shoe and other useful titbits, I have seen a huge difference in my running style and durability.

Not having to hold water in my hands or carry loads on my back has given me a huge amount of freedom as well as kept my stride steady without interruption or ever becoming unbalanced.

There are new technologies coming out every day that help us in our daily lives. Taking advantage of newer techniques, products and advancements are hugely beneficial to the modern day runner.

Long Distance Running Cartoon

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