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Write for UsMedicalIsland.net is an up-and-coming Premier Healthcare Blog with a growing readership that spans the Medical Community and Patient Groups!

You can contribute to this growing community by sharing your knowledge and experience on various healthcare issues and gain an engaging readership here at Medical Island. At Medical Island, you will find the friendly and amiable atmosphere of the amazing WordPress blogging platform, the in-built SEO features of Thesis Theme Framework and the eye-candy design of Thesis Laboratory.

Guidelines for Authors

Medical Island is no longer accepting “free” guest posts due to time constraints. However, if you have a sponsorship offer or ad proposal, feel free to reach out through my email or contact form.

Shoot me an E-mail at drlawrencekindo(@)gmail.com with your proposal and we can then take it from there.

 Just a few Words before you grab your pen

  • Remember to write for the audience – human readers first, then the Search Engine Bots!
  • Articles should be more than 500 words and prefer those above 1000 words and should be relatively free of jargon, grammatical, and petty spelling errors.
  • Submission from commercial entities should not mention their business in the article. However, two relevant links to their blog content within the body of the article will be permitted.
  • List posts will be accepted only if the list is of minimum 10 points with substantial content.
  • The Author will own rights to the article, however, it should be exclusively published at Medical Island.

So, enough of instructions. Welcome aboard the flight to Medical Island and Happy Blogging!