Juggling childcare, a full-time job and even spending time at the weekend to be a Mom or Dad, can all mean that working out and staying in shape is at the bottom of your list of priorities. It can be hard to keep fit and stay dedicated if you have a busy lifestyle, in particular, if you work a desk job or spend numerous hours each day remaining seated and sedentary. Luckily help is at hand and it no longer takes hours of effort to stay in shape. You can make the most of the numerous online apps and even consider investing in a fitness tracker if you know that you are lazy by nature. It is time to make the most of the technology that you have at your fingertips and use it to shrink, rather than widen, your waistband.

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First and foremost, you need to get yourself in the right frame of mind, so clear through your store cupboards and get rid of any temptations or delicious treats that are lurking in your refrigerator. You should also be prepared to set yourself an achievable and long-term fitness goal, remember that this is no overnight transformation and that you are making a change in your overall health and wellness.

Finally, work out how much time you have each day to work out – could you go for a jog at lunchtime? Perhaps you can squeeze in a yoga class before heading to the office or join a friend for a quick swim in your local pool after heading home. Get rid of those excuses, and make sure that you actively use those windows of time to get moving and get up off of your seat. Chances are, you will feel much better for making this change to your lifestyle.

Book in for a checkup

Before undertaking any change in your diet and lifestyle, it is vital that you take time to book in for a checkup and see your local doctor or medical professional in particular if you are experiencing pain or feel that something is not quite right. Make sure that you schedule a visit to your local health center to check your height and weight, and to get any unusual aches and pains seen to by a medical professional. Stop self-medicating and looking online for answers. If there is any history of illness in your family,then this is also the perfect time to discuss any concerns or underlying fears that you may have and be open and honest with the doctor.

Remember that they will treat and advise you in the strictest confidence. Be sure to check that your health insurance details are up to date also, just in case you need to make a claim or book in for a treatment. Consider a follow me health insurance plan for affordable health and dental cover. Once you have had your checkup and are ready to get started, then you can begin to make some serious changes to your diet and lifestyle for the better.

Look online

If you are a single parent or work from home, then it can be tough to schedule in time to visit the gym and get that all-important workout. Fear not, however, as you can get tech savvy and make the use of a range of apps and online programs right from the comfort of your own home – without needing any expensive equipment. Begin by checking out Youtube as you can find some free online fitness programs and workouts that you can access for free without even having to subscribe to the channel. Next, if you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit fitness tracker, then make sure that it is set up and synced to correctly monitor your everyday step count and activity levels.

Be honest about the number of calories that you consume too, as these could be hindering your weight loss efforts, even if you are getting active and out of the house. Make sure that you explore a huge variety of workouts to find the best program that works for you. From aerobics to quick bursts of high-intensity exercise, the sky really is the limit when it comes to researching effective and cardio boosting routines.

Get resourceful

If you lead a busy lifestyle and struggle to fit in time for a regular class or workout, then you may need to get resourceful and start to use what you have at home or to hand around you to build your muscle groups and slim down. Remember that running around afteryour kids and even enjoying a hike or cycle ride at the weekend, all count as exercise too. Try starting small if you find it that you are too busy to exercise.  Set yourself daily, achievable goals such as taking the stairs or fitting in a 20-minute jog or class during your lunch hour, to ensure that you get in your activity levels. Do not be too hard on yourself either; thereare bound to be some days when you slip up and lose momentum. However, it is more important that you get back on track after this as quickly as possible to ensure that you continue to get the results that you so desire.

If you are trying to get fit, slim down and shape up while leading a busy lifestyle, then it can be tricky to schedule in gym visits and classes. So, make sure that you get resourceful and use the technology and online portals that you have to hand to follow fitness programs, or make good use of your fitness tracker to make sure that you get your daily step count up. Be sure to visit your local doctor or medical professional to treat any underlying health issues. Finally, get resourceful and make sure that you make the most of what you have at hand or around you. Start small and set yourself achievable goals, remain consistent, andyou are sure to succeed – remember that this is a changefor your long-term benefit.

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