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How CBD Oil Can Help You Let Go of Anxiety and Depression

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (AADA) estimates that as much as 40 million adults suffer from depression and anxiety-related disorders, and that’s just in the United States. Depression is a very serious mental condition affecting millions of people across the world, and if you ever find yourself feeling like the world has gone dark and there’s no way out, you could very well be one of them.

But all hope is not lost. CBD and THC oil is becoming an increasingly better known and legal option for treating anxiety and depression by both doctors and patients alike. Should you consider CBD oil for alleviating the symptoms of your depression?

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The compounds in cannabis

There are three main varieties of the Cannabis plant, each adapted to its own use: Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. Along with this, there are thousands of strains – types – to keep track of, and each has its own effect, look, smell and taste. (Find out from a Cannabis expert or your doctor which strain is best for you.)

There are many active compounds in Cannabis, but those you should know about are THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The easiest way to describe them is this: THC gets you high, while CBD does not – and both have pain and anxiety-relieving qualities you should be aware of.

Why CBD oil?

We’ve already said that THC gets you high while CBD does not; why is this desirable? Many people are still looking for the pain-relieving qualities of cannabis without getting the buzz – among these are many career professionals who need some help with their pain or depression every day, but can’t afford the effects that come with consuming THC. For them, CBD oil offers a fantastic alternative to pain, anxiety and depression relief without the high.

CBD oil also happens to be easy to consume: It can be added directly to your food, swallowed as-is or applied topically several times a day as you need it. There’s no need to worry about pills or capsules, and you can dose yourself as needed at your own discretion without any worry about damaging your body in the process – the same is not true for many pharmaceuticals, including some antidepressants.

CBD oil is also in demand as a treatment option because there are no serious side-effects like you would see with traditional treatment methods, and it’s physically impossible to overdose on THC or CBD as scientific research has been able to prove over and over.

Its legality also makes it a very popular option for treatment, as it’s a medication vastly easier to access and more pleasant to take than a pill. Yes, you can even add CBD oil to your recipes when you’re cooking or baking and make it part of your daily routine – and you will likely enjoy the process of finding new recipes while you do it, too!

Buying CBD oil

You should always buy CBD oil from a reputable dealer who you can find proper, real-life references for – find out from previous clients who have purchased from them if they were happy with the product and service and look up an online review for whom you are purchasing from. Yes, there are many knock-offs out there and products that aren’t what they claim – many of them don’t even contain a trace of THC or CBD like the label claims.

Read this in-depth guide to find out how to know what you’re buying – it is, after all, for your physical and mental health.

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  • Great Article. Today Anxiety and Depression troubling alot of people and CBD can be good cure for it, if taken in a right amount. Thanks for sharing this informative article.


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