Medical negligence is also referred to as medical malpractice. It occurs when a patient is injured in some way, as a result of negligence from their healthcare professionals. When a patient is preparing to file a medical negligence claim, they should consult the best medical negligence solicitors available to help them resolve their medical negligence claims. There are many types of medical negligence, some relating to hospitals, individuals, and dental hygiene. From issues with anaesthesia to extractions and infections, here are five common medical negligence claims that focus on the dental side of things.

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Wrongful Extractions

A wrongful extraction is exactly what it sounds like. Whether they misread the X-Ray or neglected to take one in the first place, the result is that the dentist removed the wrong tooth. If the wrong tooth is removed, this can lead to the original problem getting worse until that tooth is removed as well. When a tooth is removed, it is also important that a dentist knows where the nerves near that tooth are exactly, so that they are not damaged. If these things are not done, there can be serious damage to the nerves in the mouth, as well as to the rest of the teeth. This makes extractions one of the common dental negligence claims that medical negligence solicitors address.


Infections can be the result of a dentist having tools and equipment that are not as clean as they should be. These tools need to be sterilised to prevent infection in the patient. A patient can also make a claim for medical negligence if their dentist did not see or address an infection, or an issue that might soon become an infection. Infections can include abscesses, which is an infection in a tooth that has reached the root. An abscess manifests itself in a pocket of pus around the tooth. Another possible side effect is septic arthritis which is an infection that attacks a joint. By ignoring these issues, a dentist can open their patient up to a decrease in health and happiness. They can also run the risk of exposing themselves to a potential medical negligence claim.

Anesthesia Issues

If a dentist, or any healthcare professional, does not investigate and become aware of their patient’s allergies, there can be serious consequences. While it is not very common, some people have an allergy to anaesthesia. By not checking for this allergy, a dentist can be exposing a patient to several dangerous possibilities, including death. By not keeping records and using the same place multiple times, there are other side effects, including gum and tooth loss. It is also important for dentists to know where the nerves in the gums are, to prevent serious nerve damage to the mouth of the patient. If any of these occur to someone, they are a candidate for a medical negligence claim.

Poor Treatment

Poor treatment refers to the work that is done on the tooth. This includes a wide range of mistakes, but it means that the care that the patient received was not up to the standards that they should have been. Different examples of poor treatment can include poor crowns, fillings, implants, or veneers. If the work is not done well, or there are issues that occur as a result, a case might be the way to go. A woman was given a crown that did not fit her tooth. This led to an infection in the tooth, which she eventually lost. She filed a claim, which turned out to be successful and was able to get an implant to replace that tooth.

Diagnosis Issues

Just like in other medical situations, if the dentist has not given the correct diagnosis, there can be serious consequences. There can also be serious issues if the dentist is unable to promptly address an issue. If this occurs, it is called delayed diagnosis, and, like in incorrect diagnosis, can result in a medical negligence claim. There are treatable issues, like some gum diseases, that can later lead to serious issues with teeth if they are ignored. While individuals need to take responsibility for their own dental hygiene, if there is an issue and they are not told about it by their dentist or given a way to prevent further damage, there may be a case for a medical negligence claim.

A team of medical negligence lawyers will be able to help a victim of medical malpractice receive justice for the treatment that they received. Companies like The Medical Negligence Experts who are one of the best medical negligence solicitors offer information, as well as participating in the no win no fee system, where there is no need to pay until the case is won. From diagnosis issues to wrongful extractions, there are just as many medical negligence claims in the UK that are related to the dental side of medicine as there are related to hospitals and doctors.

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