Boost Your Endurance and Stamina

How to Boost Your Endurance and Stamina When Working Out

There are some people where exercise is more than just about getting fit; it is also about taking part in sporting events, whether it’s for charity or a profession. These events could be to raise money for charity, or for personal pride, but whatever the reason, their exercise regime needs to move up a gear. With so many now involving events through mud and running upstairs in tall buildings, endurance and stamina are the key things to help you.

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Combine Strength and Cardio

Many people think that to run an endurance race, they need to do lots of cardio work like running and climbing. While that will certainly help, it won’t improve your endurance on its own. You should be switching between cardio days and strength days to get the best results. By adding strength to your workout, you are giving your muscles more power to go the distance. You are also helping to protect your joints because the muscles will take the shock each time you jump or take a step.

Reduce Your Breaks

Typically, during a workout, you will be doing a few reps with 30 to 90 seconds of rest in between. However, if you want to improve your endurance, you will need to minimize these rest breaks until you are not resting at all. You should only be resting if you physically cannot do anymore. By gradually increasing the number of reps you do and reducing the breaks, you are building your stamina and your endurance.

Eat the Right Things

As well as increasing the variety of your workouts, you should also be making sure that you have the right fuel going into your body. Apart from fruit and vegetables, you will also need good carbs to help you build muscle when doing the strength days. To boost your energy, you can even try something like C4 Cellucor from America Vitaminas which has a special formula to help raise energy levels.

Start Fast-Paced Lifting

One effective way to boost your strength and kick-start your metabolism is to do the fast-paced and high-intensity lifting. By increasing the weight your lifting and doing reps faster, you will not only build muscle faster but also increase your strength. Resist going for endurance only as this can slow down your metabolism and cause your body to use muscle as fuel instead.

Don’t Stick to a Routine

If you want to gain stamina and endurance, then don’t go to the gym and do the same things each day. Your body will get used to the exercise, and you won’t gain anything. By changing your workout each day, you are keeping your body guessing which will help you to gain more endurance. Try to do other things as well as gym work including swimming, cycling and running.

By switching up your exercise regime and including some strength as well as cardio, you will soon be building up your stamina and strength. You can then approach those endurance events in better physical shape.

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