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6 Golden Tips for Women to Stay Fit after Fifty Years

As you grow older in age and years pass by, most women discover that the activities they indulged in during their twenties and thirties are not the same as they clock fifty. At this age when women begin to experience menopause, some changes also begin to set in. These changes are always from the muscles and the cardiovascular.

It is very common for aging women to gain weight. This is due to a reduction in muscle mass, lower resting metabolic rate and having excess fat in the body system. A change in hormone can also result in a variety of symptoms which increases the risk of heart disease and possible, stroke.

Staying Fit after 50

Also, the rate at which some nutrients will get absorbed in the body may reduce due to loss of stomach acid. Ideally, your type of diet at age fifty is supposed to be different from your diet at an early age.

The aim and expectation of a woman over fifty are to engage in a diet that will maintain her weight, eat heart-friendly foods and in the long run, stay strong.

The following six tips are designed to help you stay very healthy and fit as you journey beyond fifty.

Reduce Salt Intake

The older you advance in age, the closer the possibility of developing high blood pressure. This is because your blood becomes a little bit elastic. The presence of high blood pressure increases the risk of having heart failure, stroke, kidney disease and subsequently, an untimely death.  Most processed foods have high salt content and as such, there is the need for you to simply avoid the consumption of these processed foods like canned soup and frozen dinners. Rather, go for the consumption of less sodium per day which contains less than one thousand, five hundred milligram, which is about half teaspoon.

It is also recommended that you include herbs with good flavor in place of salt when you prepare your meal. Many herbs including rosemary and thyme fight the possibility of cancer in the body. They are rich in antioxidants.

Absorbing processed foods also mean eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In this case, your fiber consumption gets increased and this helps you to remain full for a very long time. Fiber consumption will make you eat little quantity of food for a whole day and will thereafter help you maintain weight.

Consume Calcium and Vitamin D

Some articles in mentioned that women on menopause have a wide tendency of osteoporosis because they lack estrogen. To worsen the condition, the body begins to break down more bone and balance than the rate at which it is supposed to build. In the end, these aging women in their fifties are put at risk for bone fractures and osteoporosis.

It is therefore appropriate for women to eat sufficient calcium before they clock thirty. Well, it’s not yet late to make corrections. You can still increase your source of fiber intake.

An amazingly sumptuous food with rich calcium includes spinach, broccoli, rich sardines with omega 3, yoghurt, low-fat milk as well as kale.

Also, it is important that doctor test your vitamin D levels and give you other supplements that can easily absorb calcium.

Vitamin B12 is Good

This vitamin supports blood cells and a healthy nerve. It is also useful to make DNA. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in meat and fish. It is attached to every food with protein and can be released when the food is digested in the stomach. It is, therefore, medically proven that as age goes by, the acid in the stomach begins to reduce, thereby making it hard to take in vitamin B12 as a nutrient.

Again, aging women have a high tendency of having a low concentration of B12 in the body system but when it is included in your diet either as a supplement or shot, it will assist in preventing symptoms that could appear later in life.

Control Your Thoughts

The human mind is very powerful. It is quite unfortunate that we use it to adversely hurt ourselves. We are so much engaged in so much fear, worry, blame and resentment. For you to enjoy a healthy living as you are in your fifties, you need to begin to use the immeasurable power of your mind to envisage a positive move that will promote your health.

Eat like a Greek

As you advance in age, the flow of blood in your veins now comes with a stronger force while your blood vessels become a little bit elastic. This condition puts aging women at a high risk of heart disease. Nevertheless, there is a sumptuous diet that can help reduce this risk.

Recently researchers came up with evidence that most old adults over the age of one hundred share similar characteristics in their lives. They consume vegetables, fruits, moderate wine and whole grains. According to the research, any diet that sticks to these foods which are otherwise known as the Mediterranean diet, have every possibility of staying longer. This diet also has a very low risk of heart disease and cancer

Check for Iron in Multivitamin

It is an established fact that the average woman goes through menopause and then, her menstrual period ceases when she gets to age fifty. When she hits menopause, the need for iron intake reduces to about eight milligrams of iron on daily basis. Although the body seriously needs iron, an overdose can pose a serious health hazard too. Iron is said to be very toxic in the body because there is no natural way of excreting it out of the body. If iron is much n the body system, it can lead to liver damage or sometimes, death.

Therefore, aging women in menopause are advised to rather take multivitamin that contains iron or only take iron when prescribed by a doctor.


Now that you have the information on being healthy in your fifties, begin to incorporate these tips into your daily living. Don’t also forget that changing to a Mediterranean diet will be a better idea.

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