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Your Morkie’s Health: Tips For a Long Life Together

Once you’ve set your sites on owning a Morkie, found a reputable breeder and picked out your pup, you’re bound to prepare your home for your new dog. But maybe you’re looking for a little more information about how other folks keep their Morkies healthy for the long term. Today our team has put together these tips to help you understand more about your Morkie’s needs and how to best meet them.

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Feeding Your Morkie

Though your Morkie is a small creature, they'll likely eat more than you expect. Their tiny metabolism needs topping up frequently, but it’s vital you keep them from overeating. This is best done with small meals spaced evenly throughout your waking day.

What you feed your Morkie depends on a number of things; primarily, your veterinarian’s advice balanced with your household budget. Kibble is a solid recommendation for your tiny friend, as Morkies are typically prone to dental complications. Using kibble as the foundation for your dog’s diet allows for teeth, gums, and oral structures to be properly stimulated, and less prone to the build-up of plaque and eventual cavities.

If you want to cook for your pooch, there are plenty of recipes out there for nutrient-dense, small-breed friendly meals. The core information to remember is:

  • Choose the leanest meats possible;
  • Go-to fruits and vegetables include carrots, bananas, apples, blueberries, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes;
  • Always cook foods thoroughly to eliminate bacteria;
  • Balance meals according to your vet’s advice; and,
  • Remember that a variety of foods is key to a healthy pup.

Training Your Pooch

Arguably the next-most important thing to consider for your Morkie’s health and wellbeing is training. From keeping your household sanitary to keep your dog safe when you’re out and about, basic obedience training is helpful for you and your dog. Training will give you a solid foundation for your life-long bond.

Exercise Requirements

On a related note, you should keep your Morkie entertained, which is best done through exercise. A daily walk with a round of fetch is arguably the least you should do to help keep your dog fit and healthy. It is important to consider your pup’s diminutive stature and their fine-boned physique. Physical activity should be “scaled down” appropriately to avoid doing more harm than good. Start by purchasing appropriately sized toys, choose appropriate obstacles for jumping or hide-and-seek style games, and work with your dog on a leash to be sure they’re always both safe and under your control.

Grooming Essentials

Morkies are a bit more high maintenance than some of their toy breed counterparts when it comes to grooming. Because the Maltese has a soft, flowing coat and the Yorkshire has a fine, straight coat, the resulting coat of this crossbreed can be difficult to manage, unless you pay fairly close attention. For starters, your pup will need regular combing and brushing, and you’d do well to stop in for a session with your groomer at least every six weeks.

At-home grooming upkeep is fairly simple combing and brushing, as mentioned. But also, you’ll need to keep watch over the build up of dirt and ‘tear stairs’ near your Morkie’s eyes. These are easy to wipe away with a warm, damp washcloth but can be problematic if left unchecked. The other area to keep an eye on is the hair on your pup’s tail and the lower portion of the legs. These are areas where most dogs with a longer coat tend to get tangles, and your Morkie will be more prone to these. Tooth brushing is another essential at-home grooming chore. Just like your own teeth, keeping up with things every day keeps bigger problems at bay with your dog’s oral hygiene.

A Healthy Happy Dog

Obviously, these are just a few of the important things you’ll need to consider when starting out life with your Morkie. By thinking ahead, and planning for a long life together, you’ll be able to make the most of your time and maximize the benefits you get from investing in everything from training and grooming to food for your dog.

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