Top Medical Apps for Nurses

2017 Top Medical Apps for Nurses

Members of medical teams may have studied in their particular fields for years, yet more often than not, there will still be concepts that are unfamiliar or quite difficult to remember. That’s why it’s a good thing that access to information comes easy with today’s constantly advancing technology. Most hospitals are already equipped with innovative information systems and software that make patient management a breeze. Gradually, nurses are also finding ways to make their jobs easier through mobile medical apps.

With the active nature of a nurse’s work, it’s a lot more convenient to grab a handy smartphone than to browse through a heavy medical book when need be. In fact, below are some of the best mobile medical apps of this year that are a huge help to nurses all over the world:

  1. Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

Davis's Drug GuideThis comprehensive guide contains useful information on over 5,000 drugs, both generic and brand name, making it an excellent tool for both students and nurses. Such information includes drug dosage and administration, side effects, drug interactions, and patient teaching, focusing mainly on patient care and safety. There’s only so much drug information a nurse can remember, and this mobile app spares nurses from the hassle.

  1. PediSTAT

PediSTATPediSTAT comes in handy to anyone in the paediatric care unit. The easiest medical app for the field, it serves as a quick reference for physicians, RNs, and other healthcare professionals who deal with children, including those in emergency and critical care settings. It is an efficient resource to pull out in a lot of clinical situations.

  1. NurseTabs: Fundamentals

NurseTabs-FundamentalsThe NurseTabs series has aided nurses with its comprehensive listings of important medical topics, which are even discussed in videos made available in the app. Users are provided with over 120 skills and nursing procedures that are categorized by topic areas. Nurses can just select a skill, and then they are shown the right steps and equipment needed to perform a procedure safely. For instance, the user will be guided in every step when using a pulse oximetry sensor.

  1. IV Infusion Calculator

IV Infusion Calculator AppThe IV Infusion Calculator is a straightforward app that calculates IV push and fluid rates. It provides the answer correctly in gtts/min, mL/hr, and gtts/15 seconds. This app is a convenient tool since it applies to both gravity and pump infusions.

  1. Organs 3D

Organs 3D AppThe human anatomy has never been presented in a more easy-to-understand way. The Organs 3D app has received a lot of positive reviews since its launch, and rightfully so. The medical app provides stunning 3D models, video presentations, audio lectures, informative text, and challenging quizzes that make studying anatomy a fruitful experience. It is the perfect tool for all members of the medical field, especially to nurses in the operating room.

  1. Heart Murmur Pro

Heart Murmur ProWhat makes this medical app a unique and interesting one is that it allows users to listen to the different heart sounds and provide information about what each of them mean. It has a comprehensive medical database that helps nurses and medical practitioners to understand cardiac concepts and conditions. Nurses may even use this app as an additional resource for the right placement of ECG leads.

  1. IDdx: Infectious Diseases

IDdx Infectious DiseaseThis medical app provides a wide-ranging list of infectious diseases and their descriptions and symptoms. Its fast response time in presenting vivid information and images makes this app ideal for emergency situations. It is truly an effective reference that many nurses across the globe have already taken advantage of.

There’s nothing wrong in seeking guides and references to make your job a lot easier, especially when your job involves peoples’ lives. Today’s technology has made it possible to obtain information in the quickest way possible, and nurses and other members of the medical team have every right to have access it. If you’re a nurse, discover how these mobile medical apps change the name of the game.

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