Signing Up For Surrogacy Ukraine

Why More and More Women Are Signing Up For Surrogacy Ukraine: Stories That Will Make Your Heart Sing

Need a break from the depressing headlines for a minute? Read these inspiring stories of why more women are signing up to be a part of surrogacy Ukraine. I’m not crying… YOU are.

Amidst recent scandals and fears that women in Ukraine are being exploited into providing surrogate services due to poverty, Ukrainian government officials are attempting to crack down on large-scale surrogacy operations. They are also attempting to further reinforce preexisting laws. But, do these exploitations and fears really exist in large margins? We decided to cut out the bureaucracy and speak with two different surrogacy Ukraine mothers and ask them what it was that convinced them to become surrogates in the first place. To protect the mother’s privacy, their names have been changed. Just a warning, their answers may not only shock you but also warm your heart.

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Julia, 26

I think I was 22 years old when I had to sit by and watch my sister lose her fourth child. She was unable to carry any pregnancy she had had to full term. Each heartache was so much deeper than the last. I had just given birth to my second daughter, so I was very emotional, but I also remember thanking God for how lucky I had been in both of my pregnancies. I remember thinking how I couldn’t imagine my life without my girls in it, and how I would have no idea how to cope, should I lose either one of them.”

“My husband and I had decided shortly after our second child was born that we would not like to have any more. Our hearts were so full. I was scheduled to go and have a [tubal ligation] surgery performed a week following my sister’s last miscarriage. While I was sitting there, with her head curled into my lap, I knew I had to cancel my appointment. If I was so lucky in pregnancy, there was no way I could sit by and watch another person be in such pain because they were not blessed in the way I was. Seeing the joy radiate from my sister and her husband, following myself giving birth to their baby boy, I knew that this was something I would like to do for someone else. Since my sister, I have worked with a program for surrogacy Ukraine and given birth to two other couples babies. There is no greater joy for me than being able to share what I was given in my life with someone else who could otherwise never know it.”

Nicole, 32

“I have never known more happiness than that of my boy. Watching him grow is one of the greatest parts of my life! He’s such a wonderful child. Surrogacy Ukraine is always in the news here. You always hear about how it is a large business, and many women are a part of it. My husband and I live comfortable lives; I am a part-time teacher, but mostly get the chance to stay at home with my little boy. I love children, I also love seeing how they transform adults. Not just parents, but everyone in the world. We enjoy children. They remind us that there is hope in dark times and that the future is worth fighting for because they are worth fighting for. I couldn’t imagine ever being given the news that I would be incapable of having my child. What the feeling of a quiet house would be like. There would be no joy in that for me. To me, that seems exploitive. That seems like a fate worse than death.”

“As soon as I knew I was eligible, I signed up to be a surrogate Ukraine provider. There was no other choice for me, and not because I needed the money, but because I knew that somewhere in this world, a couple needed a child.”

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