Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

The Top 4 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

As people grow older and become more and more exposed to nature’s elements, it is more than essential to take care of ourselves and maintain proper health and hygiene. One common problem that both men and women experience is hair loss. The reasons for hair loss is not exclusive to aging, male pattern baldness or chemotherapy.

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There are other reasons that are equally important and can be prevented early on including physical and emotional stress, protein and Vitamin deficiency, and dramatic weight loss.If you are worried about hair loss and do not care for expensive hair treatments, here are four ways that you can prevent hair loss naturally.

  1. Eat Foods Rich in Essential Nutrients

There is a saying that we are what you eat and certain foods can be very helpful in preventing hair loss. Instead of eating junk foods all the time, eat foods rich in protein such as lean meat, soy, and fish as well as those rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits. Shampoos, masks, oil treatments are just secondary. Your food intake contributes so much to a healthy growing hair.

  1. Use Natural Products for Treating Hair

Believe it or not but the majority of commercial hair treatments are made from ingredients that can be used more naturally. Use natural coconut oil to massage your scalp instead of synthetic shampoos. Massaging oil into your scalp help improve circulation and activate follicles. You can also use aloe vera, beetroot juice or green tea as a shampoo. If you are looking for a mask, a mix of olive oil, cinnamon and avocado is packed with vitamins and micronutrients essential for hair growth. The goal is to rejuvenate the hair and allow it to naturally produce oils and strengthen the strands.

  1. Incorporate Supplements

If you do not have access to vitamin and protein-rich food all the time, there might be a need for supplements. It is highly recommended to consult a physician or a nutritionist before deciding on the supplements to take. Aside from this, do you own research, ask your friends and family and compare the products. Andrea's Supplements Guide discussed the best hair loss supplements, what they are made of and how they are good for you. The article enumerated all the essential vitamins for hair growth such as biotin or vitamin B, zinc, vitamin C, niacin or vitamin B3, vitamin A and many more.

  1. Reduce Stress

Have you ever been so stressed that your hair starts falling off? Have you seen your hair strands on your pillow after waking up from a four-hour of sleep three days in a row? Have you experienced so much stress from working on a project while dealing with a personal problem? These things happen and cumulatively, can result in hair loss. To avoid this, you must figure out a way to reduce stress by engaging in activities that can relax your mind, restore your hormonal balance and keep your body moving. Meditation is a simple but effective way to clear your mind and improve your mood. You can also learn a new sport or take 30-60 minutes out of your day to walk or bike around your neighborhood will help

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