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The Best Recommended Supplements for Overall Health

No two people’s diets are entirely the same – we all like to eat different things. Most of us believe that we follow a healthy, balanced diet, but that’s not always actually the case. Consulting with a nutritionist will always reveal gaps in your diet where you could increase or decrease certain food groups, minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

One way that anyone can ensure they’re getting all they need from their diet is to take a broad range of health supplements each day. We’ve done our research into the best supplements that experts and ordinary people swear by, which help to top up your essential nutrients or fill in any gaps in your diet that can’t be attained through food for any reason.

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Consult with a doctor before consuming supplements if you’re taking any medication, to check if it could interfere with your treatment. Never exceed the recommended dosages and carefully read all labels, especially when giving supplements to children.

Most Popular Nutrient Supplements

  • Vitamin C– an antioxidant that helps to prevent damage to the body’s cells and promotes overall health.
  • Vitamin E– like Vitamin C, vitamin E is also an antioxidant. It can help to balance cholesterol and is good for the skin.
  • Calcium– important for healthy bones. Click on the following link to Buy Calcium Supplements Online NZ.
  • Vitamin D– helps the body to absorb calcium for healthy bones; it is also important for breastfed infants (there are liquid Vitamin D drops available to buy for babies). Naturally, it’s found in fatty fish like tuna and mackerel, therefore vegetarians and vegans should consider taking Vitamin D supplements.
  • Probiotics – probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut and potentially help conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. WebMD says that they’ve also been linked to helping some skin conditions like eczema and preventing colds and allergies. Find some of the best probiotic supplements on Amazon or in health stores.

Best Supplements for Women

  • Iron– iron deficiency is quite common in young women, as a lot of the mineral can be lost through heavy periods. It’s especially important to keep iron levels tip-top during pregnancy. If you experience fatigue, irritability or you often feel cold, you could be low on iron. Consult with your doctor who can test your iron levels and recommend supplement dosages or multivitamins containing iron.
  • Folic Acid– it’s recommended for young or pregnant women to take folic acid for proper development of babies during pregnancy. There is also evidence for folic acid preventing age-related loss of vision, reducing high blood pressure, and treating gum problems, according to WebMD.

Best Supplements for Men

  • Boron– naturally found in raisins and almonds, it’s suggested that taking Boron could ward off prostate cancer. Studies have shown that men with high intakes of boron are 65% less likely to develop the disease than men who have lower levels, according to Men’s Health. It’s recommended for men to take 3mg each day.
  • Omega-3 – statistically, men under 55 are more likely than women of the same age to suffer a heart attack. The fatty acid Omega-3 helps to reduce blood pressure and keep a regular heartbeat. It is found to reduce the risk of blood clots and blocked arteries. Healthy men need 1000mg of Omega-3 per day, whereas those with increased risk of heart problems may need 2000-4000. Consult a doctor for your personal recommended dosage.

Supplements for a Healthy Vegan Diet

  • Vitamin D– as above, vegans won’t get Vitamin D from eating fish, so supplements are useful.
  • Vitamin B12– this is mostly found in meat, fish and dairy, so vegans are encouraged to take a supplement. A lot of vegan food substitutes are also fortified with B12, making it easier for vegans to consume the recommended daily amount.
  • Multivitamins – there are special multivitamins on the market especially for vegans, containing all the essential minerals missing from a diet free from meat and dairy, including vitamins A, D, E, B12, zinc, folic acid and more.
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  • It’s really hard to live without supplements when you’re a vegetarian. I felt sleepy and had headache all the time until I started using supplements


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