Sports Injuries Prevention and Treatment

Sports Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

Sports and injury often go hand in hand. Any sportsperson who has never suffered an injury has probably been benched too long. When the human body is involved in intense physical exertion, it is likely to get hurt. You could step into some depression in the field and strain an ankle or fall and suffer a fracture.

Extreme physical exertion tends to demand much of the body as the body goes through trauma and stress. Even the best-trained athletes will suffer some trauma of sort; some of it during training. It is therefore not a matter of how physically fit a sportsperson is.

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Fortunately, with support from sources such as Valkyrie Online, sportspersons have the support they need to get back into the field. Whether you are a career sportsperson or you like to indulge for fun, it is important to know how to avoid or treat sports-related injuries.

Common Injuries-How to Avoid and Treat Them

Whether in the summer, winter or any other season, there is always some sporting activity going on. Winter is nigh and winter games are on. It is the time for the family to go skiing but you will also not neglect your usual run even if it’s on the treadmill. There may also be a lot of exercising albeit indoors.

Here are a few injuries you may need to watch out for:

Runner’s Knee

Most sporting activities involve some running, some of it fast. Think football, athletics, hockey, basketball, or even a casual run around the block. Consequently, knee injuries on the top 10 list of most common sports injuries.


Replace your running shoes and insoles regularly.


If you suffer an injury, take a break from all sporting activities and link up with Valkyrie Pharmaceuticals for some anti-inflammatory medicine.

Achilles Tendinitis

When you use the Achilles tendon (back of your ankle) too much, you may cause inflammation and pain.


Indulge in strengthening exercises for your calf muscles as well as stretching exercises.


Take a break from exercise and sports until it is fully healed. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) works great for this injury. Get a dose of anti-inflammatories and you should be back in play in record time.

Shoulder Injury

This is also a common injury because sports and exercise involve the movement of the arms and shoulders either in throwing or simply moving the arms up and down repeatedly.


Proper stretching before exercise is the best way to prevent shoulder injuries.


Take a break and let your shoulder heal. Also, get good anti-inflammatories and use as directed.


If you are hit hard on the head, say, with a basketball, you may suffer a concussion. The symptoms of this injury include dizziness and feeling disoriented.


You are advised to stay well away from all contact sports.


This one needs time and rest for you to recover completely. Also, your health provider may recommend a dose of acetaminophen.

Pulled Muscle

You must have watched in horror as an athlete who was running hard stumbled and fell in an athletics meet. Later, you learned that they suffered a pulled muscle. This also happens quite often in soccer. Calves and hamstrings are the most commonly pulled muscles.


Always stretch properly before you begin any exercise.


RICE and gentle stretching are great for pulled muscles. Coupled with anti-inflammatories, you should be right as rain in a few days.

While fitness plays a huge role in the prevention of injuries, it does not completely stop injury. Nevertheless, you should not rule out proper stretching before beginning exercise. It is important to note that rest is an important factor in treatment.

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