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Snoring – Ear Plugs and Other Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Ear plugs protect the ears against loud noises but they can also be used to help people get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping with someone who snores can cause you so much agony and sleepless nights thus most people use ear plugs for sleeping with a snorer. For light sleepers or those people who live in noisy areas, these ear plugs can make all the difference.

Sleeping with a Snore

Benefits of Using Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Studies show that sleeping with ear plugs significantly increases the quality of sleep. Whilst most people use ear plugs only as a way to block out annoying sounds while sleeping, they can also be used to block the noise from a snoring partner. This is important because the quality and the amount of sleep you get matters a lot. Waking up out of a deep sleep as a result of loud noises such as snoring can have lasting effects, whether you woke up for just a few seconds. The body takes a long time to get back to the phase of deep sleep that it requires after a tiring day.

According to a recent study, having low-quality sleep over a prolonged period can increase your risk of:

  • Heart attacks
  • High blood pressure
  • obesity
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes

A 2012 report also showed that poor sleep is also associated with a reduced immune function as well as inflammation which both can impact negatively on your health. For you to maintain your overall health, you need a good night’s sleep hence ear plugs offer you several benefits that go beyond ensuring that your sleep is not interrupted by loud noises.

How to Choose the Best Type of Ear Plugs For Sleeping

Most of the snoring ear plugs available in the market today are just overrated, they cannot even block out the sound of rodents laughing in the attic let alone a snoring partner. But there is no cause for alarm; you can still find a few sleeping ear plugs that actually do what they promise. Ear plugs for sleeping are basically categorized by their material.

  1. Wax ear plugs: These are a good choice because they are easy to mold depending on the size of your ear and are also good for swimming since they are waterproof.
  2. The hard silicone ear plugs: These may be a little bit uncomfortable for sleeping especially for side-sleepers but have the added advantage of being reusable.
  3. The soft silicone ear plugs: They provide a better sleeping experience although some people feel that they are not entirely effective at blocking sounds.
  4. Foam ear plugs: They are extremely soft and the most inexpensive which makes them a perfect choice for sleeping. It is important to replace them often as their porous material provides a good environment for bacteria.

It is also advisable to consult with your doctor about the possibility of having custom-made ear plugs which basically involves creating reusable ear plugs that fit the shape of your ears. These may be more expensive and also require regular cleaning but they can block out all kinds of noises including emergency alert as well as the alarm clock thus they should be used with a lot of caution. Whatever you decide to settle for should be reusable, maintain its size and shape even after a few uses and should also withstand cleaning. Most importantly, your choice should give you value for money. Good ear plugs for sleeping should perfectly fit into your ear canal and should neither go too deep nor stick out like antennas.

Tips on How to Use Sleeping Ear Plugs

It is important to use your sleeping ear plugs correctly as this reduces your risk of possible side effects. Use a clean finger to roll the ear plug. For disposable ear plugs such as the foam ones, ensure that you replace them often or wash them daily in warm water and mild soap to extend their life. Allow them to dry completely and avoid sticking them too far into the ear.

Sleeping ear plugs are generally safe to use but if you are not up for the idea of using them, you can also consider using the white noise machine which is also effective at blocking loud and disruptive noises at night. Alternatively, you can also purchase a snoring mouthpiece to be used by the person snoring in the room. With good quality ear plugs, you will be able to sleep through a tornado uninterrupted.

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