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Steroids are an integral part of the bodybuilding and athletic community for a long time. And why is that being a question one always wonders! Bodybuilding is a serious business with many contenders and those who get to the top always get the lion’s share first. They have to put in some very long hours in a gym and taking nutrition rich diet, monitoring their growth on a weekly basis. It’s estimated that to become a competitive level bodybuilder, one has to work for a minimum of 5 years. This is a long time considering so many new entrants will enter the field, who may be better. Taking a shortcut to attaining full growth and strong muscles is in everyone’s mind and this is where steroids come into the picture.

Weight Loss with Steroids

Steroids are artificial chemical compounds with an intention to boost the hormone generation in our body. Hormones play a major role in the growth of humans and animals alike. There are special hormones which govern the metabolism of the body and bodybuilders take steroids to boost these hormones. Some of the hormones that govern growth are Testosterone, HGH, etc. Before a bodybuilder starts building muscle, they have to reduce weight. The need for weight loss is twofold: The first is the class in which one competes and the other one is toning the muscle. Losing weight is important for another set of people, the overweight and obese ones. Real Phen online without a Dr's prescription is a real help for those who intend to seriously lose weight many folds.

The Pharmacology of Weight Loss

Studies have been conducted on how people become overweight and obese. Those who are above the 30+ in their Body Mass Index scale are considered obese. These people are susceptible to some serious health issues like Cardio Vascular Diseases, Type-2 Diabetes, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Hypertension and Osteoarthritis and in rare cases Depression and Cancer. Steroids like Phentermine or their derivatives are similar to the hormone Amphetamine in our body. This is a Psychostimulant hormone which plays a major role in the brain. Being a stimulant, they work on the Hypothalamus to suppress the urge to eat and thereby reducing the food intake. They act as an Appetite Suppressant, works only for a short period of time.  Real Phen online without a Dr's prescription is available in Canada for those who are serious in reducing their weight and building a better body.

Safety and Usage

It goes without saying that using any kind of steroid is detrimental to one’s health either in the long term or short term. Consume steroids only when the benefits outweigh the side effects. Using Real Phen online without a Dr's prescription might have some unwanted side effects on the heart valve and others side-effects like restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, mouth dryness, nausea and vomiting, and in some rare instances hallucination and heart attack may result. Start with a low dose cycle like 25 mg for the first 3 weeks and observe the body’s reaction and acceptance to the drug. If tolerated well, then increase it to 50 mg daily for the next 3 weeks when the drug’s activity peaks and then it stays put. Allow sufficient time for the drug to wear off before taking the next cycle.

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