Staying happy and healthy are the basic expectations we all have for our lives. However, very few of us are aware that gaining one of these can bring the other one to us. But, though in our fast-paced lives today most of us have all that we need to be happy, it is still accompanied by a frustrated and disappointed mind. This is because health and fitness are never given the need attention it deserves. And the best possible solution is working out regularly as this would make us feel less stressed and anxious, and there are prominent scientific reasons to back up this fact as well.

Fit and Healthy

Release of happiness related chemicals

One of the essential chemicals that our brain releases for us to stay happy is dopamine, a neurotransmitter. With age, the reserve of dopamine gets exhausted, and it is imperative that this reserve is re-filled. And exercising is known to aid in this regard significantly.

Reduces stress levels

Not just in the short run, working out helps to reduce stress levels in the long run too. When we exercise, our body experiences a higher level of stress in the form of increased heart rate and a lot of hormonal changes. When the body repeatedly experiences the stress from exercising, it becomes good at managing the other stressful aspects of life and take on challenges with ease.

Energizes you

There are days we feel extremely tired and exhausted and exercising is the last thing we want to do.  But even if you feel entirely drained with your long working day, your busy weekend or with your run-around for your family, bring all strength together and put the work out mode on. So if you get off the couch and workout, you will undoubtedly feel more energized that you felt before. And yes, more energy means more happiness.

Boosts confidence

Feeling good about our looks and appearances make us more confident and improve our self-esteem. This has a direct and indirect effect on our career, education, relationships, goals, and aims. With regular exercise, our body transforms, and we not only look the way we want to look but also feel independent, stronger and confident. Confidence is always a pre-requisite for a happy life.

Reduces anxiety and insomnia

For people suffering from anxiety, exercising acts as the best remedy by giving an immediate mood boost followed by a long-term relief much like talk therapy and meditation. Moreover, exercising and staying active regularly can help you skip your sleeping pills. It not only improves your sleep quality but also prepares you to wake up the next morning.

These are just a few of the ways exercising and staying fit can make you feel happy. So if you are looking for the reasons for you discontentment, it isn’t your pay slip or your child’s report card. You just need to get off your couch and run, jump, lift and play! Learn more about how to go about in websites like

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