It is painful, horrifying, and life-threatening to millions of people across the world. Cancer has always remained a nightmare that not only scares the sufferers but also snatches happiness and peace away from their lives.

To understand the threat that it presents, it is important to look at the fact and figures of cancer cases that are quite alarming. In India itself, the mortality rate due to cancer is extremely high with a prediction to go up to 1.5 million cases in India by 2020.

The figures which are both disturbing and frightening highlight the urgent need for an increase in the number of centers providing cancer treatment in India where the patients can get the best treatment and awareness about various life-threatening types of cancer.

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If you are interested to hear about this promising center, then we will help you by telling everything you need to know about Delhi's first standalone Cancer Daycare Centre.

  • Incredible Architecture: Build in a unique and innovating style, the architecture of Max’s Cancer Daycare Centre is specially designed in a way that does not make it look like a hospital. Spread across a spacious area located nearby Moolchand Metro Station, it is easily accessible by the patients. The Center has a chemotherapy unit with a total of 12 Chemo chairs/recliners and 3 patient beds that caters to more patients at a time.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities: Surpassing its architectural elegance, the facilities at the Cancer Daycare Center offer an outstanding amalgamation of effective cancer care services. Equipped with latest medical technologies, it has ultra-modern labs and OPDs that ensure best treatments to the patients.

    Apart from this, there are special facilities for regional translators, cafeteria, and valet parking as well. It also houses a library full of interesting books catering to the interests of the patients and their relatives.
  • Matchless Cancer Care: Max Cancer Daycare Centre is not only renowned for its facilities and architecture, but it is mostly known for its excellent cancer care. Its highly qualified and professional doctors provide the best treatment to the patients while helping them in overcoming the trauma of cancer treatment processes. The staff of the center is also very amicable and never hesitates to go extra miles to bring unexampled services to the patients.

    Unlike the multispecialty hospitals where patients have to wait for hours till their turn for the treatment comes, Max Cancer DayCare Center offers time-saving services. For instance, the patients can send their queries online on their website, confirm their arrival, and arrange their appointments which not only saves their time but also gives them a break from the nervousness that overpowers them before any cancer treatment. Such services also prove to be very beneficial for the patients coming from the international regions. Surprisingly, the center also makes necessary arrangements for the convenient stay of their patients if they are based out of Delhi.
  • Patient-Friendly Environment: The main motive of establishing this Cancer Daycare Centre was to offer specialized care to the Cancer patients in a friendly environment that is away from the tensed ambiance of the hospitals. The infrastructure, the facilities, the staff and doctors, all of them are dedicated to give the patients a comfortable environment so that they can communicate their problems easily.

    Undergoing a chemotherapy is a traumatic and painful experience. Though there is nothing can be done to avoid the pain, Max Cancer Daycare Center aims to provide the patients comfort and a little bit of fun through a multitude of activities, e.g., books, iPad, TV’s, etc. that are available on the Center’s premises.
  • Treatments Offered: A highly specialized set of diagnostic services is available at this Delhi’s only Cancer Daycare Centre. Be it Day care Chemotherapy, IV Supplements, Radiology, or Chemotherapy; it caters to all the needs of cancer patients.

    In addition to this, the center also provides OPD consultation from best oncologists across the region. Nutritionists and physiological consultations are available that not only help the patients in dealing with their mental stress but also spread awareness about cancer and its prevention methods.

Overall, this one-of-its-kind daycare center in Delhi has effectively managed to achieve all its objectives by giving the best services to their patients. Away from the infections, one is vulnerable to in the hospitals; this creative center makes best efforts to create a healthy and fun-loving environment for their patients and their relatives as well.

Focused to touch more lives with their distinctive approach, Max Healthcare is now planning to open more Cancer Daycare Centers to reach most of the people and help them lead a healthy life.

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