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7 Advantages of a No-Metal Dental Implant

Over 100 million people in the United States are suffering from some kind of tooth loss. Today, there is no longer any reason for them to opt for inferior implants which aggravate their mouth and pose a risk to their oral health.

In the 1980s, the first dental implants were made with titanium alone, with an abutment that a prosthetic crown could be cemented on.

Developments in Implant Technology

The first year of the new millennium experienced a revolution in implant technology; for the first time, the abutment could be made out of ceramic. It had long been known that titanium irritated the gums- but it was the best method we had for implants.

Not anymore. In 2005, the CeraRoot implant came on to the market in the European Union. The implant is made of 100% zirconia ceramic, which is a much better material for oral hygiene than metal. Unlike metal implants, bacteria doesn’t flourish on a zirconia ceramic implant.

There’s no separation between screw and prosthetic, just a smooth column of white. When you smile with a ceramic implant, no one is going to see any metal- it looks like your most natural smile.

It took until 2011 for the U.S. to catch up with this new European technology, but now it’s arrived on our shores, customers and dentists such as Dr. Sammy Noumbissi are not looking back.

Dental Implant Smile

No-Metal Implant Advantages

Here are 7 advantages of a no-metal implant.

  1. Aesthetics

Many people are prone to gum recession as they age, and even young people are susceptible to receding gums and thin gums. Either of these afflictions make titanium implants completely unsuitable, from an aesthetic perspective.

Often you can see the grey of the metal behind the gums, or even above them. With ceramics, that is no concern, and instead all you see are pearly white teeth, from crown to tip.

  1. Strength

These new ceramic implants were developed to withstand the forces of even the biggest chomper. No tough steak or chewy apple will stop these implants from doing their job.

The implants are designed to mimic the strongest naturally occurring teeth in nature, and so can withstand everything life throws at you.

  1. One-Stage Surgery

No one wants to have their teeth extracted, only to be told that they have to return to the surgery another time to have their new one(s) put in.

Ceramic dental implants eliminate that eventuality. They are designed to be put it as soon as the extraction surgery is finished. This means you only have one appointment to kick the bad teeth out and have your new, improved teeth put in.

  1. Bio-Compatibility

Titanium implants have poor levels of bio-compatibility, which is why so many people report discomfort with them.

Because these new ceramic implants are made with zirconia, they are completely bio-compatible. This material assimilates into your jawbone with no problems.

Recent studies have shown that unlike with titanium implants, ceramic implants do not inflame the gums or cause the body to attempt to reject the foreign object.

  1. Anti-Allergenic

Finding out you have any allergy or insensitivity to titanium after having new implants fitted is possibly the worst-case scenario, but it has happened to lots of people.

Sometimes, people don’t notice their titanium sensitivity straight away, but it develops overtime, and causes problems like itching gums.

This issue will not occur with ceramic dental implants- they are hypoallergenic, putting the risks of adverse reactions at a minimum.

  1. Resistant to Corrosion

Ceramic implants have the benefit of being resistant to all varieties of corrosion.

While ceramic implants are versatile and resistant to chemical corrosions, titanium implants are not.

Metal implants begin the process of decay in the wet and bacteria-rich atmosphere of the mouth. Something which is certainly best to avoid!

  1. Comfort

Because of their resilience and strength, and the fact they are made with a ceramic material, ceramics sit more comfortably in the mouth than any other implant. The body is unlikely to reject the implant and you should be set for a very comfortable experience.

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