Estrogen is found mostly in females as it is the female sex hormone. On the other hand, testosterone is the male sex hormone. The two hormones are responsible for setting apart male and female characteristics. Men also have estrogen but when it rises higher than testosterone, it becomes a problem. Its rapid increase throws off the balance causing development of negative side effects. Estrogen blocker is the supplement taken to lower the estrogen levels. Below are some of the benefits:

Oestrogen Blocker Benefits

1. Decreases abdominal fat

High estrogen levels in men tend to cause fat accumulation. This fat is mostly accumulated in the abdomen. While naturally increasing testosterone, lowering estrogen levels then translates to less abdominal fat.

2. Improves sleep quality

You are likely to have a bad night of sleep when estrogen levels are high. This is simply because estrogen affects the quality of your sleep by increasing stress and negatively affecting your moods. You will also feel fatigued throughout the day and you will be hungry most of the time. All these badly affect your sleep pattern and that is why estrogen blockers are needed. They have reducing effects on these conditions and help to improve sleep.

3. Increases strength

Protein synthesis is the process that enables your body to grow strong and bigger muscles. Using estrogen blockers will also lead to an increase in testosterone and the reduction of estrogen which rather slows down the process. During exercise, your body breaks down muscle fibers. Protein consumption improves hypertrophy and helps to repair these fibers, restoring back their strength. When estrogen is higher than testosterone, the process of protein synthesis is inhibited and this prevents the muscles from growing back. Testosterone, on the other hand, aids to speed up the protein synthesis process, making it effective.

4. Improves libido

Most people shy off from this issue but high estrogen may be detrimental to your libido. A lot of men experience low libido issues when their estrogen shoots up. You will lack the ability to perform in bed and your sex appetite will be low as well. Also, may experience low fertility levels but reducing your estrogen levels while rising your testosterone levels will improve it as well as your libido.

5. Loss of male breast tissues

Forming breasts may be intimidating and embarrassing for men. This happens when estrogen levels begin to rise. It results in the development of breast tissues which may get out of hand if not taken care of on time. The use of estrogen blockers helps to naturally increase testosterone hormone which will stop the formation of these tissues.

Having estrogen side effects for men may not be a big deal. It can be dealt with by supplementing with estrogen blockers to balance your testosterone and estrogen levels. Due to many products in the market, some of which may cause severe side effects to your health you should be careful with where to look. You can browse online to find the best Estrogen Blockers For 2018.

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