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5 Benefits from Physical Therapy You Didn’t Know About

Living a healthy lifestyle is difficult these days. Even if you’re determined enough not to eat those delicious fast foods, your work style may not allow you to follow a regular diet. It doesn’t take long to have diseases get hold of you, and you need to do your bit to ensure that you’re fit, like trying physical therapy.

A form of treatment used to treat physical diseases or injuries related to the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems of the body, physical therapy is conducted without the use of any kind of surgery or drugs.

With more than 200,000 physical therapists working in the U.S. alone, physical therapy is becoming more and more popular with every passing day and every coming year sees an increase of almost 36 percent more jobs than the previous year.

Let us analyze the 5 ways in which physical therapy can help you.

  • Improves motion and mobility – Statistics reveal that 18 percent of U.S. adult deaths are the cause of obesity. Obesity is best prevented and taken care of with motion and mobility which can be improved upon with the help of physical therapy. Other studies reveal that sitting at one place for long hours can prove to be unhealthy for the body while opting for any kind of physical therapy helps reduce heart attack risks and strokes.
  • Helps avoid surgery or strong medications – Studies state that more than 60 percent of patients suffering from any kind of ailment need to opt for either a surgery or strong medications to cure the ailment if they do not get any kind of physical therapy done to cure the problem. Physical therapists offer a cheap an effective alternate to cure the ailment without the use of surgery or drugs for conditions such as back pain, knee osteoarthritis and degenerative disk diseases.
  • Helps regain original capability–Statistics reveal that almost 75 percent of the patients who opted for continued physical therapy under the supervision of a trained physical therapist were able to regain most of their original bodily functions or make a complete recovery after suffering from an illness or disease.
  • Helps you recover quickly – The recovery time after suffering from an ailment can be shortened tremendously with the help of physical therapy. The body part where you incur an injury involving a joint, muscle or ligament can become immobile and stiff and with the right physical therapy you can regain full mobility in that area.
  • Boosts overall fitness and health – It has been studied that more than 95 percent people who opt for continued physical therapy under a professional therapist's guidance are overall fit and healthy and rarely complain of any physical ailments or problems. Physical therapy is quite helpful in losing extra fat in any of the body regions and helps you lose weight rapidly and naturally.
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