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Top Health Apps for all Health Junkies

It is rightly said that health is wealth. A healthy mind and a healthy body truly are a blessing in today’s time given the stress, pollution and poor diet we all face. We work for long hours, are mostly sleep deprived and don’t indulge in very healthy eating either as most of what we eat is junk food or fast food which has low nutritious content.

In such a scenario, our phones can come to our rescue to help us keep fit and maintain good health. Technology has become so advanced that it now has the ability to reinvent and simplify any aspect of our life and health is one of them too. Here are a few health apps everyone should have on their phones for a healthy living:


Practo-Android-AppThis app got the award for the Best App at the Google Think Mobile Conference in 2014 and for good reason. This app is Asia’s number 1 search engine to find you a doctor immediately in your locality. If you’re facing a medical emergency, you can quickly find qualified doctors in major cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad and many more to book instant appointments through its data base which stores details of over 125,000+ qualified and verified doctors to meet all your medical needs. You can view a doctor’s credentials, fees and reviews before booking an appointment so you never have to compromise on your health again!

Google Fit

Google Fit AppThis is a great health companion that makes sure you maintain a healthy life style. It understands that you rarely move around without your phone and now all you need to do is carry your phone around to get access to the details about how much you walk, jog or cycle. You can set goals and targets about how much you’d like to job, how many hours you’d like to walk or how many calories you’d like to burn and this app will help you achieve it. You can get access to your entire fitness regime all under one app that makes sure you maintain a good lifestyle.

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Sleep Better

Sleep Better AppMost of the times we’re cranky and upset because we haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Through this app monitor your sleep cycle better as well as improve your bedtime habits which will help you improve your sleep quality to make up for all the stress you face during the day. You can improve your sleep efficiency and even teach yourself to day dream and get access to soothing alarm sounds that wake you up leaving you feeling fresh and energized. You can personalize your alarm according to the way you wake up and the app will help you better understand your sleep pattern whether you’re a heavy dozer or a light sleeper. This app will help you achieve great efficiency in terms of sleep.

Water Your Body

Water Your BodyWater is essential to maintain your overall health and in this heat its all the more reason to keep yourself well hydrated and energized to face the day. This app is a great way to find out if you’re drinking enough water as it will remind you to have adequate water and will also help you track your drinking habit so you can improve on it. All you need to do is enter your weight and the app will calculate how much water is sufficient for you and will remind you to make sure your body gets its share of water.

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Diabetes PA

Diabetes PA AppIf you're someone who suffers from diabetes then you know how bothersome it is to eat anything because you have to consciously keep in mind the amount of sugar you consume and what your blood sugar capacity is. This app is your personal manager to manage blood sugar level as it helps keep a check on your glucose, blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol, and much more to keep in check your emotions and mood swings which accompany change in sugar levels and better manage your diabetes so you don’t find it a handicap.

These apps go a long way to help us live a healthy and fruitful life which is the biggest blessing we could have. Keeping our body healthy is the least of our priority and we should put our phone in charge to help us do it.

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