Nobody likes to see their skin beginning to show signs of aging, and while it is something we generally accept is going to happen someday, the longer we can put it off the better! Of course, there are lots of expensive treatments that can help delay the aging process or reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and fine lines, however things like Botox and chemical peels can be a bit more extreme than many people are willing to go, and a lot of the more high-end creams and serums can leave almost as big a dent in the wallet over the course of a year as the clinical options.

It is, therefore, best to try and get into habits that help reduce wrinkles naturally, and help keep skin nourished and moisturised in order to prevent wrinkles appearing any earlier than they absolutely have to. Here are four simple changes you can make to help reduce wrinkles:

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, then you are probably already aware that it is not the best thing for your skin. The toxins and free radicals produced when you smoke attack collagen and elastin which help keep skin young and firm, and this is why smokers tend to suffer from premature skin aging. If you find it hard to give up altogether, switching from tobacco to ecigs (learn more about vaping and e-cigarettes can give you some of the skin-saving benefits while still satisfying your cravings.

Use Sun Protection

The sun is another known problem if you want to keep your skin looking young, and while most people know not to expose their faces without sunscreen if they are actually sunbathing, remember that your face is exposed at all times, so it isn't just in summer you need to protect it. Always either use a moisturiser or a foundation with an SPF of at least 15, and then use higher protection when the sun is strong.

Stay Hydrated

We spend a lot of money on topical moisturisers for our skin, but many people forget that the most important natural moisture comes from within. Make sure you drink enough water, as this can not only keep your skin hydrated but also flush out toxins that can attack your healthy skin cells and lead to premature aging.

Get Enough Sleep

Early in the morning, you may notice your face looks puffier, older and more wrinkly than it does for the rest of the day. Get enough sleep to avoid this ‘tired face' becoming your normal face! Without enough rest, your skin will look dull and you will notice lines and wrinkles far more, so ensure you have a good sleep schedule to keep yourself looking younger and brighter.

wrinkled face cartoon

While none of these things are miracle solutions to aging, they are simple habits to get into that will help you avoid premature aging and keep looking healthy, fresh and bright for as long as possible!

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