4 Common Causes of Depression

4 Common Causes of Depression – And What You Can Do to Help

When people hear about depression, they can sometimes have a very fixed view on what causes it, and what it truly is. Lots of these assumptions are not only wrong but harmful, as they can lead to a huge disconnect between what is true and what is not. Unfortunately, it can mean that if you are suffering from depressive symptoms, you can become more confused about which path to follow to recovery. The truth is that there are many underlying causes of depression, with lots more being discovered each day. However, that doesn’t mean it is a lost cause; with more discoveries being made come more solutions with what you can do to help yourself, or those around you who may be suffering. For example, TMS is one of the best forms of therapy that doesn't require you to take medication.

Fighting with Depression


A lot of the time, depression is influenced by genetics, which is why you may often see some families where it is seemingly passed on from parent to child. For many in this position, it can feel as though you’ve pulled a short straw in the genetic lottery, but there are many ways you can relieve some symptoms. If you haven’t encountered depressive symptoms, but you suspect it might run in your family, it’s worth visiting a health professional to see if they can tell you any useful information. Regardless of whether you are predisposed, following self-care practices, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly can prevent such symptoms from occurring in the future. It also means you have a bank of people who understand your predicament so that you can have a solid support network in place in the times it may get tough.

Serious medical illnesses

When you are chronically ill, one of the problems people never talk about is the negative side effects on your mental health. It can be true if your illness commonly produces depressive symptoms, such as having an underactive thyroid, poor adrenal health, or Lupus. Another example of an illness that could be affecting your day to day life in terms of leg pain, and therefore sleeping, is venous insufficiency. If untreated this can cause regular discomfort and swelling due to irregular blood flow in the legs. If you are aware of what the exact concern is, however, you can find treatment for venous insufficiency near you so you can get this problem sorted. Trying to find solutions to the problem can help aid your way of thinking so you can seek resolution, as opposed to suffering unnecessarily.

Presence of toxins in the body

Toxins are one area in which people are still finding themselves confused, mostly because there is a lot of unreliable information out there giving people the wrong impression. When these toxins are in your body, they usually interfere with the gut but can have huge effects on the rest of your body and your mind. With issues such as this, you can keep your toxin levels low by eating a balanced diet. Low sugar consumption, regular intake of water and vegetables, and certain medications can help keep these symptoms under control. It is also worth noting that you should be eating foods high in key antioxidants to keep such toxins at bay.

Lack of sleep

One of the biggest questions people will ask you when you say you’re feeling depressed is if you’re sleeping enough. Though this can often feel like they are undermining you, having a poor quality of sleep is one of the biggest causes of depression. If you can, it is wise to start a sleep diary, charting how often you sleep through the night, how energetic you feel in the mornings, and how long it takes for you to fall asleep, if at all. If it starts to match up with your mood, then you may be able to tell how it is affecting you.

The problem with sleep is that the less you get, the worse you feel, and those awful feelings can make you stay up at night even more. Seeing a sleep therapist, doing relaxing activities before bed, and using natural sleep supplements are all part of what helps. Sometimes, when you are depressed, you sleep more. This is also an unhealthy cycle worth breaking. Although your body is crying out for sleep, having some time in the fresh air and keeping Vitamin B12 consumption high can provide that extra boost of energy that you need.

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