I find it heart wrenching. My involvement in the medical industry brings me in contact with many people who experience hair loss.

What I hate most is the hopelessness people feel. Because it’s not a well-known condition—it’s not like having the flu—people feel humiliated and see it as a life sentence.

But this is a lie.

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Many hair loss problems originate from a treatable cause. I wish I could proclaim these facts to everyone struggling with this. If you can pinpoint the source—and medical professionals can—you can usually find solutions.

Do you want to hide away or face this problem head on?

Perhaps It’s In Your Genes

Before you start worrying about medical conditions, you should look around you. Is one of your parents bald or experiencing hair loss?

If you’re a male you probably compared your hairline with your father’s long ago and made peace with the facts. However, in women, this is a rare occurrence. But if your mother shows signs of this, at least you know where it’s coming from. This is half the battle won already.

A supplement such as Rogaine is a popular remedy.

Slow Down the Styling

How often do you visit the hair salon?

I see too many people searching for medical reasons while their problem lies with vanity. If your hair loss is because of breakage rather than hair falling out, over styling is usually the problem.

Fewer hair products, flat ironing and fewer coloring sessions are essential.

Do You Have Too Much Tension?

Stress is synonymous with modern living. But that doesn’t mean you must accept it. Perhaps it’s time for drastic lifestyle changes.

You can lose hair whether you’re going through physical stress—such as an operation and even weight loss—or emotional stress.

There’s no reason your body won’t return to its normal functioning. If you help it by eliminating stress factors, eating healthy and exercising it will recover & your hair will return.

Are You Pregnant?

You’ve probably heard about the emotional ups and downs of pregnant women. But are you aware of all the other changes your body may—or may not—undergo? Losing your hair is only one of them.

It usually happens after the birth. This is rated as a time of huge physical strain. As mentioned above your body will recover over time so your remedy is patience.

Too Little Protein

Are you a passionate vegan or vegetarian? I commend you for your commitment, but in most cases you need to supplement your protein intake if you don’t eat meat, fish or eggs.

Your body goes into a state of shock where it stops any unnecessary usage of protein. And your body doesn’t think your hair is vital to your survival.

Get yourself out of this dilemma by eating:

  • Peas
  • Nuts
  • Tofu
  • Chia
  • Poppy or sunflower seeds

Too Many or Too Little Vitamins

This is an easy one to remedy. All you need is confirmation from your doctor whether you have:

  • Too much vitamin A
  • Too little vitamin B

This could be an imbalance in your system or the result of using too many or too few supplements. Consumers get so excited about what supplements can do for them they don’t read about the dangers.

For Men: Baldness

It’s what no male wishes upon his son. Male baldness.

I don’t know why society thinks this is abnormal. 66% of men will experience this by age of 60. But if you hate the idea of going bald there are creams and medications you can take. They will restore hormone balances and spark hair growth.

For Women: Hormones

We often think of the worst possible cause. But for women a simple change in hormones can cause hair loss:

  • Did you start using birth control?
  • Did you change the type of birth control you use?
  • Are you in menopause?

Knowing where it comes from will lower your stress levels. Once your hormones are balanced again your hair will come back.

Are You Healthy?

This sounds abnormal, but be happy if your hair falls out in the following instances:

  • Having skin problems
  • Suffering from hyperthyroidism
  • Alopecia Areata which is an autoimmune disorder
  • Iron deficiencies

It may be the only visible sign you have that there’s something wrong. You’ll be prompted to visit a doctor and there are many medical solutions that will help your body—and hair—get back to normal.

Medical Procedures + Conditions

Perhaps you’re so consumed by your current medical condition that you didn’t read the fine print about side effects. Knowing that your hair loss is a symptom instead of an additional problem, may afford you some peace. In these cases hair loss is normal and will adjust once you’re healthy again:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Lupus
  • Undergoing chemotherapy

Are You on Medication?

Your hair is a gauge of your overall health. What you consume will have an effect on your skin and hair. If these form part of your diet you should assess which ones to continue with:

1. Supplements: As mentioned above many consumers don’t consider side effects. Perhaps you love the effect of anabolic steroids. But you’ll have to decide whether you want toned muscles or hair the most.

2. Prescription medicine: If you’re taking one of these your hair may be implicated:


  • Blood thinners
  • Lithium
  • Beta-blockers
  • Ibuprofen

None of these situations are lost causes. Medical professionals may know of a different type that won’t cause hair loss. It’s important you ask instead of only feeling embarrassed.

My favorite part of the day is reading reviews in reply to hair regrowth advice at Hairlossable.com. I imagine frowns turning into smiling faces. That motivates me to keep working despite the sadness I see. Please pass this information on so others can experience victory in their situations too.

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  1. Stress is one of the main factors. Lack of vitamins is also an important thing that you shouldn’t forget. Those are just basic daily reasons if you have more often or intensive problem must do some medical analysis and check what’s happening.

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