Why You Need To Consider Using Melanotan 2

Why You Need To Consider Using Melanotan 2 During The Next Tan

Many people are now familiar with the frequent cancer association’s slogans reminding about avoiding mistakes and staying healthy. And today there is a debated injectable tanning product which is increasing in popularity everywhere. Some individuals always long for the natural looking tan but unfortunately have never gotten lucky in finding one. Of course, one often used product melanotan 2 may perhaps give the solution you are looking for in such stuff.

During the Next Tan

Without doubts, the number of people using it nowadays loves the resulting false tan. That means, at no time you will get surprised by how excellently it works or looks. But the concern about its safety and the level of protection it offers against the sun’s injury still remains unclear. So, why should you use it during the next tan? Check out for some of the reasons.

How To Store

The product comes in the form of a white freeze-dried concentrate sealed in a multi-use container. It is often transported and traded in sizes of 10 milligrams since lower dosages maintain freshness and ease the total travel time. The substances used are very stable and long-lasting and can survive in 37 degrees for about one month or more. At any temperatures, you can ship without any hassles as long as once received you keep in a refrigerator to avoid possible deterioration. Even though most online suppliers sell it in the pre-mixed form, the vials turn out to be not legitimate. The compound ends up losing a great extent of potency, and the worst is you are at risk of getting an infection.


Unlike the other type of Melanotan, type 2 can help you to expand your dosage further. Although it has some active shelf life lasting about 36 hours within the body, you need to use it gradually. In this way, you allow yourself to become very adaptable with the dosing. The recommended measure start from around 250 mcg as your body adjusts to the product and reduces any reactions. Once you get used to it, then you are free to proceed inconclusively in case you intend to opt for low dosage routine. Whenever you feel like you need to up your dose, and then double it to 500mcg.

The maintenance dose begins the moment you have reached the desired tan level. Less frequent amounts will be required although this differs for everybody. When applied consider a small UV exposure measure to keep the skin color maintained without more darkening. 

Better Ways to Use

Some of the standard methods of using the product include nasal sprays or injection. But administration through the needle proves to be very useful because the results get seen fast and at best. Nasal sprays workup to30 – 40% since the passages give some poor absorption rates and takes about 4-5weeks to show the results unlike the ten days for injection method.

Considering the reputation many countries give to skin cancers, the response of people towards tanning will be exciting. And there is a chance that Melanotan 2 may become the only available and practical solution to realizing a healthy tan over the current beauty standards. Once it becomes regulated and the concern about needle safety checked on, then it will not take decades to promote it. With that, the therapy will protect your skin from overexposure and burning.

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