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Dean Toriumi Reviews – Is Rhinoplasty a Good Idea?

Last year I finally decided to do something which I had desired for many years and that was to get a nose job, or rhinoplasty as it is medically known as. Finding the best rhinoplasty surgery wasn’t easy and I had to trawl through plenty of reviews, both good and bad before I found the best surgeon. Eventually, it was the Dean Toriumi reviews which inspired me to use that clinic and I am so happy that I did. I personally was over the moon with my surgery and I wanted to talk a little today about whether or not rhinoplasty is, in fact, a good idea for you, here is what to think about first.

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In many cases rhinoplasty is done for reconstructive purposes after an injury, this is not what we are going to be discussing today, we will be looking at cosmetic procedures. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose then yes, rhinoplasty can certainly help but it isn’t always as simple as that. In my case, I wrestled with this decision for many years and I have no other type of cosmetic surgery. In the case of many, however, they want to get a ‘new nose’ in order to keep up with their fashion icons or friends, some even do so not because they genuinely don’t like their nose, but because they have mental issues which encourages them to hate their body. If you are doing it for the simple reason of unhappiness with your nose then fine, any deeper than that and you need to think long and hard.

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Rhinoplasty doesn’t just affect the look of your nose, it also greatly impacts the interior of the nose which is why so many people who have difficulty breathing can benefit from a surgery like this. In fact, when I had my nose done there were other patients there who were undergoing the same surgery for health reasons. If you do have difficulty with your sinuses or with your nasal congestion, rhinoplasty can really help and you should speak with a professional to find out exactly what they can do for you. 


The final piece of advice which I will give is that you should speak at great length with your healthcare professional or with the surgeon about what results you can expect if you do undergo this kind of procedure. Even if you are on the fence about having the surgery, speak with someone to see what kind of changes they can actually perform for you. So many people have this kind of surgery done and then they end up greatly disappointed with the results. Surgeons can do some pretty incredible things with the human body but they cannot perform miracles which is why it is so important that your expectations ahead of this kind of surgery are realistic.

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