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6 Reasons to Seek Psychiatric Care in Corpus Christi, TX

Do you care about your mental health? Even though individuals are mostly concerned about physical health problems, mental balance is of tremendous importance for normal functioning. A myriad of people tries to mask the symptoms of depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. in the hope of looking normal in the eyes of others.

6 Reasons to Seek Psychiatric Care

Nevertheless, hiding depressive feelings, suicidal thoughts, irrational fears, or addiction only makes matters worse. These mental illnesses and disorders are best treated by seeking psychiatric care. Nowadays, there are numerous psychiatric clinics, such as Foundations – Corpus Christi Psychiatrist clinic, healing the heart and mind of patients. 

Have a look at the most important reasons for seeking psychiatric help in Corpus Christi. 

Sudden mood swings

An important reason for individuals to ask for psychiatric care is when noticing instability in their mental health in the form of mood swings. It refers to moments of rapid changes in mood, ranging from happiness to complete sadness, corresponding to depression. Although mood swings can be caused by stress, pregnancy, lack of sleep, PMS, or low blood sugar, these are often related to mental health. 

For instance, people whose mood suffers unexpected fluctuations might be coping with a mental disorder. Extreme mood fluctuations may be a symptom of borderline personality disorder (BPD), accompanied by intense anger, a feeling of emptiness, and impulsive behavior. In case such behavior lasts for days or weeks, one might be suffering from a bipolar disorder where mood can shift from elevated to depressive. 

Rapid shifts in mood might be triggered by the consumption of alcohol and drugs, which result in inconsistent behavior. Consequently, individuals with sudden fluctuations in mood are advised to ask for a psychiatric evaluation in Corpus Christi to determine the exact cause behind such episodes. 

6 Reasons to Seek Psychiatric Care Blog

A feeling of profound sadness

Feeling blue is a normal aspect of everyday life, happening occasionally and lasting for a particular period. Nevertheless, when the feeling of hopelessness persists for weeks, even months, it might be a symptom of depression. Depressive individuals not only feel blue but lethargic, worthless, and absent-minded. They experience difficulties in focusing on a particular thing, as well as sleep disruption like insomnia. 

The longer depression is not treated, the graver the influence it has on one’s life. For instance, people struggling with this mood disorder are likely to experience issues in their marriage or career. In the worst scenarios, depression might make individuals suicidal, which is why it has to be treated promptly. See the following link, https://www.healthline.com/health/depression, to learn more about the symptoms, causes, types, and treatment of depression.

Psychiatric treatments are considered essential for determining the type of depression based on the symptoms and the root of such behavior. While some people get over their depressive behavior in weeks, others might struggle with hopelessness for decades if not receiving psychiatric care. 

Experiencing a traumatic event

Going through a distressing or disturbing event such as the death of a loved one, being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, surviving an accident or natural disaster, sexual abuse, war, divorce, etc. is harmful to one’s mental health. The memories from traumatic events are likely to haunt people in the form of flashbacks, lifelike nightmares, and irrational fears. 

Individuals experiencing a traumatic event have no hope the memories from the emotional trauma would ever cease to haunt them, as these can be triggered by irrelevant things and situations of everyday life. Regardless of whether the trauma is recent or past, psychiatric treatments are capable of speeding up the healing process. It’s paramount for individuals to consult a psychiatrist for the purpose of sharing the experience and coping with it in the best possible way. 

Having suicidal thoughts

A serious reason to seek psychiatric help in Corpus Christi is having suicidal thoughts, triggered by mood disorders such as depression. Having such thoughts isn’t always a reason to raise the alarm as long as these are fleeting. Many people have considered suicide at least once in their lifetime but the idea is usually thought of as irrational. 

Nevertheless, some people don’t dismiss suicidal thoughts but have suicide on their minds most of the time. When being serious about suicide or making a plan to terminate your residence on planet Earth, psychiatric care is more than necessary. The purpose of psychiatric treatments is to find the cause behind suicidal thoughts and behavior in patients in order to suggest the best treatment. Depression isn’t the only reason for people wishing they were no longer alive, as mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, PTSD disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder also increase the risk of suicide. 

Irrational fears

Another reason for people to seek psychiatric care in Corpus Christi is when coping with irrational fears. People often struggle to overcome different fears such as the fear of heights, spiders, flying, blood, thunder, giving a speech, etc. Irrational fears have a tendency of becoming persistent and obsessive, hence resulting in severe anxiety. As a result, hypochondriacs waste plenty of time and money on medications and medical treatments by fearing they suffer from a severe disease while being perfectly healthy. 

As time goes by, irrational fears might evolve into phobias, which cause emotional paralysis and prevent people from living normal lives. However, psychiatrists are capable of locating the root of the fear and teaching people how to live with it or eliminate it if possible. 

Use of alcohol and drugs

Addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling is yet another reason to schedule a psychiatric treatment. When struggling with an apparently insolvable problem, many people allow emotional pain to take over their lives and turn to alcohol and drugs in order to escape from their issues. 

The excessive use of such products gradually leads to addiction, which damages every aspect of a person’s life. Addicts often lose control of their lives by facing financial, family, and health problems. 

Final word

Never deal with negative feelings on your own. 

A psychiatrist can always lend you a hand!

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