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The E-Factor Diet Review – 5 Simple Steps to Shredded

As summer approaches, most of you are panicky and worried about your dieting habits. You have always wondered if you could have kept yourself away from that extra piece of pecan pie, all the candy in your stocking, the pastries you splurged on during your birthday bash, and the sugary treats at Easter. Well, that only proves that you are human just like thousands of others across the globe who are struggling with their diet.

Let me assure you that you are not alone. It is just too tempting to look back and wonder why you are not exactly bathing suit ready. Surely, that is only complicating the situation. You need a solution and you need it right NOW! You need to be sure what will produce the results you desire.

Hey, don’t lose heart already. You have not lost all and you can still salvage your body’s shape and health. Following are 5 simple steps that will get you looking ripped and ready. Better still………..

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Step 1: Add HIIT to your Workouts

Adding HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to your training routine is the best way to get rid of that extra body fat and one of the quickest ways to burn off those extra calories and fat. You are curious to know how HIIT works wonders on your body. Well, here it is. HIIT cardiovascular exercise uses short bursts of complete body exercises followed by periods of slower cardio exercises. Your body requires more oxygen to burn the extra calories during your periods of maximal effort, leading to your ultimate goal of losing unwanted weight.

The bigger news is that your extra oxygen consumption does not stop after your workout sessions, but your body continues to use extra oxygen to burn even more calories much after your workout, which is called “after-burn.” After-burn results in a condition commonly known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).”

 Research published in the Journal of Obesity has revealed that HIIT exercise routine has a huge impact on your levels of body fat, particularly your midsection fat. The good news is that you don’t even have to stress yourself out everyday to benefit from this type of exercise. Maximum fat burning can be achieved with just three HIIT workouts using 20-25 minute intervals every week.

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 Step 2: Increase Your Protein Intake

To digest protein, your body needs energy. So, simply eating protein can help you burn more calories than you usually do. You can imply from this that the more protein you eat, the more calories you will burn.

Is there a particular threshold after which your protein intake helps you in burning fat and to lose weight? Well, the usual advice is to take about .75 grams to 1.25 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight depending on your targets for weight loss, and your weightlifting regimen. If you are daily crunching your weights, it is better to err on the higher side for protein intake than to be sorry. However, if you are not much into weightlifting, then you will do well to start at around 1 gram per pound.

Protein intake is essential for burning more fat. Protein is a major building block of muscles and you need to eat plenty of protein to keep your muscles in shape, helping them repair themselves after heavy workouts. When you add extra muscle to your diet, your body requires more calories to maintain your weight, which requires an increased metabolism. You can thus assume that you will naturally burn more calories daily if you are more muscular. My advice to you – Eat your protein regularly to keep your body in shape!

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Step 3: Eat Your Carbs at the Right Time

It is not only important that you watch your carbohydrate intake, but it is important that you eat your carbs at the most beneficial time. So, when is the most beneficial time to eat your carbs? The best time to guzzle in your carbs is around your training sessions. The ideal time for this is right after you have worked out with your weights.

The rest of the day, you are advised to eat low carb and fibrous veggie selections, as well as plenty of protein and healthy fats to supplement your calorie intake. This routine is the quickest way to maintain your muscle while burning off maximum amount of body fat.

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Step 4: Eat Enough Fats

You might have been wondering what “healthy fats” mean? Fats are rich sources of energy and will provide you with the energy to survive your tough muscle-sparing fat-burning workouts. This will speed up your body’s repair and recovery functions.

You ought to remember that your body needs enough fat for testosterone production, particularly if you are a man. Fat is also essential for the absorption of fat-solubel vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K. Your brain functions depend on a steady supply of essential fats. Besides these functions, fats are essential components of your diet for a healthy skin and silky hair.

Adding fat to your diet also makes you feel full and satisfied after your meals. Whole eggs, coconut oil, fish oil, fatty fresh wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats and dairy products, raw nuts, nut butters and seeds are healthy sources of dietary fat and will help your body release body fat while staying energized.

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Step 5: Eat Organic and Fresh

It is important that your get your fair share of fresh organic foods, whenever feasible. Your body requires a diet that is not fighting against your body. This will make it much easier to lose your body weight. Non-organic and stored food items contain various pesticides, preservatives and other undesirable chemicals that can destroy not only its nutritive value, but will destroy your body. If your body can use the nutrients in your food sources for energy, you can then easily focus on fat and weight loss.

Less toxins in your diet will result in less cravings, resulting in weight loss and satisfaction in the consumption of wholesome, organic foods.

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Final Take Home Message

Put all these steps into play in your lifestyle and you can virtually guarantee you’ll watch the pounds melt off your body. Throw in some weightlifting alongside your HIIT cardio and you’ll be transformed and beach ready by summer!

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