Changing the World at The Speed of Light The Goal of Eric Lefkofsky

Changing the World at The Speed of Light: The Goal of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who started his business career by co-founding Groupon, a company that specializes in providing deals on merchandise and other products for consumers. He was not content with just starting one company and he continues to found innovative companies that push the boundaries of technology. His business philosophy led to a book that sums up his views about the new world of business.

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Accelerated Disruption

He wrote a book entitled “Accelerated Disruption” which is based upon the premise that individuals are always coming up with new and innovative ideas that disrupt the marketplace. He should know as his entire career and success have been the result of this idea. Lefkofsky is familiar with the concept and shares his thoughts in this book that causes its readers to think way outside the box. Advances in technology have allowed this disruption to accelerate at incredible speed thus the basis for the title of the book. Existing companies have to realize that a new idea can displace them before they know it. Staying ahead of the curve requires constant change to survive new ideas. The book also provides the path for a person with a new idea to make that idea a reality and disrupt an industry. This book is well worth reading for both startups and existing businesses. Technology has totally changed the landscape of business. There is no going back, only going forward at an ever-increasing speed that challenges businesses every day.

Introducing Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan, both as an undergraduate and as a law student. He was born in Detroit in September 1969 and thus has a strong Michigan background. One of his latest ventures, founded in 2015, is Tempus which is headquartered in Chicago. It is a technology company that is set on disrupting medical treatment. In particular, it is focused on the treatment of cancer. The goal of the company is simple but yet complex. Every cancer patient should be afforded the lessons of every cancer patient that went before them. In other words, Tempus and its founder believe that the way to beat cancer is to use data that is continually updated from each treatment of a cancer patient. Tempus is stockpiling that data in a way that it can be retrieved easily and simply. It is an old idea of not reinventing the wheel with the new twist of making all the information and data readily available so no one has to relearn anything about cancer.

Lefkofsky's Contribution to Cancer Research

Whatever field of endeavor Lefkofsky chooses to enter, he changes it forever. It all goes back to the title of his book. He disrupts an industry and the disruption moves faster and faster. That is what he is doing with cancer research as he searches to speed up the drive to eliminate cancer. He is harnessing the power of technology to attack a problem. In one way, every company he founds uses the same principle. Take a new idea and use technology to make that idea work at the virtual speed of light. Anyone dealing with this businessman has to be ready to move faster than they ever had. Accelerating disruption is a train that moves at only one speed and that is faster than anyone could ever imagine.

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