Three Lightwaves for a Healthy New York

Infrared Sauna – Three Lightwaves for a Healthy New York

Going to a sauna anywhere in New York City is like sharing a collective experience spanning thousands of years. The oldest ‘sweat bath’ ever found dates back to around 4000 BC. So, from firelit stonewalled enclosures, we now enjoy the same pleasures through infrared sauna NYC.

But other than the combined sensations of relaxation and sweating it out are the more significant benefits of infrared saunas to the health of New Yorkers. The truth of the matter is that infrared saunas may have just become necessary more than ever in The Big Apple.

Three Lightwaves for a Healthy New York

Is New York Fit or Not?

The problem is that New York City ranked quite less than ideal in a recent survey that looked into the fitness conditions of the biggest cities in the U.S. The said survey seems to suggest two concerns. It could be that NYC lacks in either an environment or community infrastructure that is conducive to healthy activities. It could also be the case that the majority of New Yorkers do not frequently practise healthy behaviors.

That would come as an odd surprise, notably since NYC got into the top 20 healthiest cities in the country last year. NYC is one of the cities with the most number of healthy restaurants. This year, it has been placed fourth overall in the best cities for outdoor activities.

That 4th place is very well-deserved, considering that the city recently completed the last section of the High Line in June 2019. With perennial favorites like Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Prospect Park, and even Times Square, they pretty much make up the idea that New Yorkers love walking. Then, mix in other crowd drawers like the Met, MoMA, Coney Island, Chinatown, and Union Square.

But are New Yorkers generally healthy?

Exactly What NYC Needs

The latest nationwide stats reveal that the vast majority of Americans are either too busy to be healthy, and so they stay sedentary for long hours. Unfortunately, New York has one of the most expensive average monthly costs for gym memberships.

Thus, the availability and proximity of an infrared sauna in New York could be a gentle nudge toward healthier options for its residents.

How Does an Infrared Sauna Work Anyway?

Infrared sauna still uses heat to promote increased sweating. Unlike traditional methods, it now uses light energy similar to that of the sun. However, the generated heat is substantially lower than conventional saunas, but the therapeutic effects are more significant.

A typical infrared sauna in NYC service uses three different lightwaves to obtain varying results, but the principle is the same. Infrared light penetrates deep into the body, allowing its heat to reach tissues, muscles, internal organs, and bones. The result is an overall improvement of the body’s response to cleansing, healing, and recovery.

  •  Near-Infrared Waves

Of the three types of infrared lightwaves, near-infrared has the shortest wavelength that penetrates deep into the human skin. The sweating it induces makes the user’s skin optimal for promoting skin health and rejuvenation. The process also enhances the healing of wounds and the relief of skin or tissue-level pains.

  • Mid-Infrared Waves

With a slightly longer wavelength than its near-infrared counterpart, mid-infrared lightwaves penetrate deeper into the body. They promote increased sweating and the dilation of more nerves and blood vessels. Those, in turn, result in improved blood circulation, weight loss, and chronic pain relief.

  • Far-Infrared Waves 

The longest wavelength belongs to far-infrared light waves and has the deepest penetration of all three wavelengths. Thus, it can raise the core temperature of the user higher than the other two types. The result is a deeper level of sweating that detoxifies better at cellular levels.

More blood vessels benefit from the dilation effect and significantly help the heart from overworking. That is certainly not mere water weight lost to sweating, as some skeptics claim.

Of the three types of lightwaves, far-infrared has the most profound therapeutic benefits. Of course, the results would still depend on the duration and frequency of the kind of therapy used.

The benefits of infrared sauna in NYC service are compelling even for New Yorkers who are not inclined to be physically active. For those who have regular fitness regimen, they could gain from the recovery boost that the sauna provides. The infrared sauna is indeed a boon to NYC’s health.

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