Cure For Chronic Back Pain – A Doctor’s Take

Cure For Chronic Back Pain – A Doctor’s Take

Let’s make no bones about it – backache’s a total b***h. With almost 600 million people affected globally at any given time and a history that stretches back all the way to the times when our ancestors lived in the caves of southern Africa – back pain remains one of the biggest health problems in the world. And often the sole culprit behind it is your mattress. So, updating and upgrading your mattress is an absolute no-brainer (along with seeing a doctor about it). But how do you make sure that your next mattress purchase will be the right one?

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Well, the obvious place to start is assessing the comfort level – find a mattress that minimizes the pressure on parts of your body like your back, shoulders and your posterior. But, is it really as straight forward as it sounds? Unfortunately, not exactly. Just because you find a surface completely amicable and pliable to your body doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the person sleeping next to you will feel the same about it as well – different people have different sleep habits and positions. While side-sleepers make up around 85% of the population, there are still back and stomach sleepers, whose needs are different from the majority of the population and need a surface that offers higher levels of resistance/firmness. But each mattress company has its own unique idea of what firmness levels are – which makes things much more difficult, especially when you’re buying a mattress online, something more and more Indians are doing.

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So, the easiest, most convenient way to bypass all these hurdles is to buy a mattress that offers optimal body alignment – notwithstanding your sleeping habit or posture, if your body, and particularly your spine, is aligned perfectly straight while you sleep, that is an infallible indicator that your mattress is doing its job and it is suitable for everyone who’s sleeping on it. For a mattress to qualify as the true, unparalleled best online mattress in India, it must provide a perfectly straight neck, back, shoulder and hip alignment.

And currently, there’s only one mattress that does that – Europe’s finest and the only mattress to buy online in India – the Emma Original mattress. As of now, there is a definite, undeniable, measurable, incontestable gulf between the level of body alignment that the Emma Original offers, and what its competitors offer.

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So, betting my money on it, if you want to find an almost sure-fire way to rid yourself of chronic back pain, head on over to the webstore of the best mattress brand in India and buy an Emma Original mattress. Take it from me, you certainly will not regret it.

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  • Great Article Dr Lawrence,
    We see so many patients with chronic Backache every month.
    What I would recommend, every patient with backache should work on three principles- Correct posture, Regular Walking & Vit D Supplementation.
    We have solved more than 50% of our patient’s problems, just with reassurance and sticking to the basics


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