Drug Rehab Programs Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Approaches to Drug Rehab Programs and The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Health professionals from various drug rehab clinics and ibogaine treatment centers utilize different approaches in treating their patients. This diversity is required to meet the individual needs and requirements of patients.

Medical detoxification is among the most common approaches to drug addiction treatment. During this process, traces of harmful elements from drugs and alcohol are removed from the body. Detox is considered a relapse prevention technique and is also administered to control withdrawal symptoms among addicted patients.


Relapse prevention is not only focused on detoxification. Drug addiction counseling, for example, allows patients to learn practical ways to develop self-control, to avoid high-risk situations that may promote relapse, and ultimately abstain from these addictive substances. Recovering addicts are also taught coping mechanisms necessary in sober living.

Drug addiction counseling may be done on a one-on-one basis or as a group; either way, is geared to motivate recovering addicts in their journey towards a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. Counseling promotes long term abstinence and seeks to address medical, psychiatric, and employment issues for patients. This process may be done daily or weekly basis, depending on the needs of patients.

Drug addiction is a curable disease. Anyone suffering from this disorder can take comfort at any of the Mexico drug addiction rehabs and get the necessary addiction treatment services from these facilities. If you know a family member or a friend who has fallen prey to addictions, intervene.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When an individual abuses substances, their addiction can hide a severe mental illness. A person given a diagnosis of dual disorder suffers from a mental disorder as well as a substance abuse problem. These conditions should be treated side by side because that way, the patient can continue to live a life of sobriety. Having a health diagnosis that will affect someone for a lifetime can be hard for some to handle. For example, borderline personality disorder is a severe mental illness.

The symptoms of the disorder are extreme mood swings, severe emotional pain or instability, impulsiveness, and reckless behavior. A borderline personality disorder is relatively new to the DSM and is commonly misdiagnosed. Many celebrities seem to suffer from this disorder but have yet to admit their diagnosis publicly.

A celebrity that first comes to mind when discussing this disorder and substance abuse is Courtney Love. She continually wreaks havoc wherever she goes; her child was taken away from her because she was an unfit mother and has publicly taken drugs.

Researching dual diagnosis treatment facilities will allow you or your loved one to receive the best care possible. These centers can give patients the necessary skills to cope with stressful situations. These skills will hopefully help addicts continue to stay sober, even though times are tough. Patients will also be able to relearn life skills that will improve their quality of life and allow them to keep a steady job or pay their bills on time. Finding the dual diagnosis treatment center that will tailor treatment to your specific disorder will ultimately save your life.

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