The Most Effective Treatments for Back Pain

The Most Effective Treatments for Back Pain

Did you know one out of four American workers experience back pain? If you want to learn how to treat back pain, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over different treatments for back pain.

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Change Your Lifestyle

People with chronic pain need to learn to accept their limitations and figure out ways to adapt. Learn to pace yourself and notice warning signs in your body.

For example, take a few extra trips when you bring in groceries. Don't try to overdo certain activities.

Notice what activities worsen your pain. Try to avoid those activities if at all possible. Your back will feel better, but you could prevent the condition from worsening.

Consider Alternative Therapy and Treatment

Massage, biofeedback therapy, laser therapy, and acupuncture are some non-surgical spine treatments.

Make sure you speak to a spine specialist about potential alternative treatments.

Try Physical Therapy

If you suffer from back pain, get help from a spine physical therapist and your doctor. These medical professionals can provide you with treatments to try.

Standard exercises aren’t going to work for you. Instead, the physical therapist will tailor workouts to target specific symptoms.

If you get given exercises, you’ll want to maintain the exercises at home. Try and stick to a routine, so the exercises are effective.

You will get given aerobic exercises to try and core strengthening exercises. Physical therapy will also help you retrain your posture. You’ll try flexibility and stretching exercises as well.

Eat Healthy Food

Diet can have an impact on your back pain. Processed foods, refined sugars, and foods high in trans fat can cause inflammation.

Talk to your doctor and discuss your diet. Some things you eat or drink could contribute to your back pain. Consider how you could change your diet. Maintain a healthy weight, so you don’t put pressure on your spine.

Injection Treatments

Epidural steroid injections are injection-based procedures. They are another non-surgical option to treat back pain.

Injections can lessen or stop the pain for a certain period, but they aren’t long-term solutions.

Pharmacological Options

People use anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and analgesics to treat chronic back pain. There are some unwanted side effects.

Opioid medication shouldn’t be the first treatment for chronic back pain. You also shouldn't use it as the only form of treatment.

Opioid medications are highly addictive. A specialist will prescribe these to you after a thorough exam. If other drugs don’t provide relief, they will prescribe this medication.

In some situations, people consider surgery. Make sure you work with reputable spine doctors.

Now You Know About Possible Treatments for Back Pain

We hope this guide on back pain was helpful. Now that you know about possible treatments for back pain including alternatives to surgery, meet with your family doctor.

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