Despite acne being a common skin complaint across the world, many people living with the condition can suffer from a lack of self-confidence in their appearance. If you want to effectively combat the skin complaint, here are ten ways to take control of your skin.

Getting Rid of Blemishes

Identify Trigger Foods

Everyone’s body will react differently to different foods. Unfortunately, there could be a product you regularly consume that is triggering an acne breakout. It might be beneficial to keep track of your diet, so you can identify the foods that might be causing an unwanted breakout. For instance, a high GI diet could be the root cause of the problem, as foods laden with sugar or refined carbohydrates can contribute to acne.

Avoid Dairy Products

You may love milk, cheese, and yogurt, but these products might be anything but kind to your skin. Dairy products are common trigger foods for people living with acne, so it might be helpful to eliminate the items from your diet for 6 to 12 weeks to see if there are any noticeable changes to your skin. Cutting the products of your diet might be all you need to do to restore your skin and confidence. You could use alternatives like soya milk for

Quickly Wipe Away Sweat After Exercise

Whether you frequently or occasionally work out, you must wipe away sweat from your skin after exercise. Doing so can ultimately prevent bacterial growth on your skin, which would otherwise lead to troublesome pimples that can blight your self-esteem. You should also do so if you’re sweating during intense heat. It is a small, simple act that could help you to enjoy clearer skin. If you regularly exercise, keep a towel in your bag to keep sweat off your face during your workout.

Avoid Mineral Oil and Propylene Glycol Products

People living with acne need to be selective about the items they put on their skin. If your acne is growing out of control, it might be due to using the wrong products. For instance, you should avoid using products that feature mineral oil and propylene glycol, as they can strip any good oil from your skin. Always read the ingredients in a product before you make a purchase.

Consider a Hydrafacial Treatment

If you want to restore the hydration of the skin, you may want to consider a Hydrafacial treatment. It is a modern facial rejuvenation treatment that can improve a person’s skin tone and texture. You could, therefore, see a great improvement in your acne.

Absorb More Nutrients

Your skin is often a reflection of your diet. Whilst it might not be the cause of your acne, nutritional deficiencies are commonly connected to poor skin health, poor dead skin shedding, blocked pores, skin infections, acne, and other skin disorders. You must, therefore, try to enjoy a more nutrient-rich diet or take vitamin supplements.

Absorbing the nutrients can help to balance raging hormones, which is a common cause of acne in teenagers. What’s more, they can support a person’s immune system to reduce the likelihood of infection, and they can also improve wound healing and may help the development of healthy mucus membranes in the skin.

Improved Skin Cleaning Practices

Acne can sometimes be caused by poor skin cleaning habits, as a person may fail to effectively clean dirt off their face or body. For instance, touching your face, arms, back or chest with dirty hands could potentially aggravate acne. That is why you must adopt the best skin cleaning habits for your body, which means washing your face and body twice daily, and routinely washing your hands when necessary. You must also avoid over-washing your face, which can remove good oils from your skin.

Hydrate Your Body to Hydrate Your Skin

Water not only helps a person to fight dehydration and develop a healthy body, but it can also considerably improve your skin health, too. That is because water can hydrate your skin and can act as a natural skin cleanser. So, combat the condition by drinking eight glasses of water each day. Your skin will thank you for it.

Don’t Be Tempted to Pick Your Acne

Many people are often tempted to pick and squeeze their pimples in a bid to remove the blemishes from their face. Yet, this will only further aggravate the condition, as it can, unfortunately, increase the pimples infection rate and result in more acne breakouts. Remember, people’s hands are often full of bacteria, which can enter a small open wound once the pimples are squeezed. Doing so can also lead to scarring, which can damage your self-esteem further.

Apply a Topical Lotion and Cream

If you want to prevent a bacterial infection reaching your pores and causing an acne breakout, you should cleanse your skin during the morning and night. Use a natural essential oil that offers antiseptic properties in face washes, such as lavender oil, tea tree, neem, and oregano. It is also beneficial to avoid oil facial products that can clog your pores and may increase acne.

Create Your Own Natural Toner

If you want to avoid adding an oily toner to your face, why not create your own? All you need to do is add one-part apple cider vinegar into eight parts filtered, boiled water. You should then add this solution into a bottle and spritz it onto your face following cleansing.

Use Benzoyl Peroxide Products

If you are looking for a product that can actively decrease acne from your face and body, you should buy an over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide product, which could potentially clear acne from your skin.

Make an Appointment with an Experienced Dermatologist

If you have tried all the above and acne continues to persist, it is essential you make an appointment with an experienced dermatologist, as they will understand the potential root cause of the problem and the best solution for you. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, you could reduce or eradicate acne from your skin, so you can enjoy a smooth, clear complexion that can transform your confidence.

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