A No-Metal Zone: What to Wear for an MRI

A No-Metal Zone: What to Wear for an MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a medical technology that uses radiofrequency current to produce 3D images of a patient's body. Unlike x-ray imaging, MRI takes high-quality pictures of soft tissue as well as bones.

If you're in good health and don't have any chronic conditions, chances are that you've never had an MRI. Even if you have had one before, it may have been a long time ago. Not many people have MRIs on a regular basis.

All about MRI and what to wear for an MRI

Because the machine uses magnets, metals present a problem for MRI safety. Here's more information about what to wear for an MRI.

What to Wear for an MRI to Stay Safe

An MRI scanner is a giant magnet that you lie within. The magnetic field is what produces the images and is a great medical technology, but it can also cause serious damage if you wear metal during the scan.

Steering clear of this MRI hazard isn't difficult for most. Take out your piercings, remove your rings, necklaces, and other jewellery. Take change out of your pockets, leave your watch at home, and remove any other metal items like belt buckles.

A few cases are a bit trickier, but you shouldn't have an issue after learning this vital information. Athleisure clothes like Lululemon use metal fibers to strengthen clothes and keep them from shrinking.

This isn't always obvious from looking at them, and at least one patient found out the hard way during an MRI: Her shirt gave her second-degree burns.

So, avoid wearing athleisure garments and other stretchy fabrics. Stick to plain cotton and you won't have to worry about these scary problems.

Another hidden threat is underwire bras, which pose the same threat. The reinforcing metal wire reacts to the magnetic field, too, and can hurt you.

If you happen to forget and wear an underwire bra to the clinic, you can take it off before your scan. Most clinics give you a moment to review your garments and remove any metal beforehand. You may also have the option to request a hospital gown.

Pacemakers, joint replacements, dental crowns, and other metal in your body aren't things you wear, but they pose a risk, too. Talk to your doctor and MRI technicians to see if an MRI is safe for you if you have any kind of metal within your body.

What to Wear to Stay Comfortable During an MRI

Safety is the biggest thing to pay attention to when dressing for an MRI. Yet, comfort is no small concern. It's important to feel comfortable and safe during an MRI screening for your mental health, but your comfort can also make or break the procedure's success.

mri rockville md specialists and other experts will confirm that you need to stay as still as you can for the best image quality. MRIs are expensive, so wiggling because the tag of your pants is scratchy comes at a high price. For this reason, wear comfortable clothing that doesn't constrict you or irritate your body.

A pair of sweatpants and a comfortable T-shirt are a fine choice. Cotton is a safe, nonreactive material and good for MRI imaging.

Be Prepared for All Things Healthcare

Now that you know what to wear for an MRI, you can undergo the procedure without worry.

If you have any other medical questions, you're in the right place. Take a look around the blog for quality information on all things healthcare.

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