5 Uncommon and Strange Skin Conditions

5 Uncommon and Strange Skin Conditions that Most People Don’t Know About

The human body is a complex system. Every now and then, doctors come across conditions that baffle them, while making all of us realize that there’s still so much we don’t know about the human body. In addition, as well as being the largest, the skin is also the most visible and accessible organ in the human body, so it’s no wonder that it amazes everyone when people come across skin abnormalities or conditions such as these eight.

Rare Skin Disorders

Morgellons Disease

Universally agreed as one of the most mysterious skin diseases of all time, the Morgellons Disease is such a mystery that a lot of experts are of the opinion that it doesn’t even exist and is primarily a psychological issue with psychosomatic symptoms. However, the physical presence and effects of the disease have not yet been discarded, as there have been multiple reports of Caucasian, middle-aged females in the US and UK being affected by symptoms that are now considered to be a result of Morgellons Disease. Some doctors are of the opinion that it might be caused by the Borrelia spirochetes bacteria, but the only thing confirmed so far are the symptoms, as reported by the patients themselves.

  • Very itchy rashes and sores
  • The sensation of insects crawling on and under the skin
  • Sensations similar to insect bites and stings
  • Black, stringy, fibrous residues inside and outside the skin
  • Temporary amnesia
  • Reduced cognitive abilities

Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP)

While development of melanoma due to sunburns is a huge risk, sun exposure in small amounts and with adequate protection is generally characterized as being good for the skin because it can be effective in killing off certain strains of bacteria and fungi. However, a patient suffering from Erythropoietic Protoporphyria, aka EPP cannot tolerate sunlight or any strong light exposure for long as it actually burns their skin. They begin to experience pain that is similar to getting burned and the longer they are exposed, the worse the pain becomes.

Visible effects of EPP, when exposed for too long, including red swollen skin, which looks similar to the skin of a mild-burn victim. The metabolic disorder originates due to a lack of sufficient ferrochelatase enzyme production and can be managed by wearing protective clothing and creams, taking painkillers for the post-exposure pain, use of vitamin A supplements, and by always keeping the amount of available glucose in the body high.

Epidermolytic Ichthyosis

One of several types of ichthyosis, it’s a rare genetic disorder that manifests itself in the form of scales on the skin of the patient. The scales will most commonly be found near the larger joints of the patient and may cause pain and other complications in infants and children. However, as the child grows up, the infections, redness, swelling, andblistering become less and less common. The scaly skin, on the other hand, doesn’t go away at any stage. Frequent washes with antibacterial liquids, topical retinoids, and skin softeners are basically the only treatment available for epidermolytic ichthyosis and they are effective at managing the infections. No cure has been found for the disease as of now.


A great many numbers of people suffer from oversensitive skin, and especially those with a light complexion, but patients with dermatographia experience oversensitivity on a different level altogether. Although it isn’t particularly life-threatening in most scenarios, dermatographia forces the patient to live a very cautious and uncomfortable life. The primary symptom of the disorder is the typical reaction of the skin to even the lightest of pokes, scratches, or touches.

Every place the skin experiences a touch, it gets irritated and swells up in that region. In fact, the skin of dermatographia patients isso accurately sensitive that the patients often make actual letters and symbols on their skin by simply drawing on it with their own fingers. In addition to being touched, their skin also reacts poorly to high or low temperatures, light exposure, and even strong emotions. Keeping the skin moisturized and staying hydrated at all times is advised to reduce the symptoms and antihistamines are the most preferred and common choice of treatment during severe episodes.


When someone develops blue-gray skin due to long-term exposure to silver, it’s known as argyria. There was a time when patients with argyria were shown in circuses as one of the attractions and although many people believed that they were simply colored to deceive the audience, it was found out that argyria is indeed a very real condition. The strangest part of people suffering from argyria is the fact that they do not generally suffer any of the harmful toxicity effects which should accompany someone with such high levels of silver exposure. Instead, they only become blue and stay that way for the rest of their lives. Causes of argyria include the following and there are no cures for the condition, unfortunately.

  • Exposure to silver by working in manufacturing or mining of the metal
  • Taking of silver supplements
  • Exposure to silver through silver dental fillings

While the chances of you developing any of these skin diseases and disorders are quite rare, there are definitely a lot of other skin conditions out there which are quite common in the US. Anything from melanoma to rosacea can affect anyone and some are even more life-threatening than most of the diseases on this list. So, if you have a mole, a persistent infection, heavy acne problems, or a severe case of sunburn, go to your nearest Dermatologist in Plano, TX as soon as possible and get it checked out. Alternately, you can also visit them for cosmetic consultations and subsequent surgeries, if you feel that a cosmetic procedure can help you lead a better everyday life.

After all, whether you are suffering from a rare, congenital defect, early signs of aging or the effects of a horrible accident, as long as the technology is there to provide a solution, it only makes sense to avail it.

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