5 Reasons to Try Coolsculpting

5 Reasons to Try Coolsculpting

Reducing fat isn’t all that easy to do. You’ll hear motivational speakers, celebrity fitness trainers, all kinds of infomercial products on how to sculpt this or that area of the body, that the entire concept of losing fat sounds like a fantasy. It really isn’t; not when there are specialized cosmetic treatments designed to take care of this exact issue.

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CoolSculpting has become increasingly popular since its launch in 2010. Countless patients have been able to eliminate the stubborn fat without having to go through the mental and physical effort it would have taken if they had done it through natural means. So, how does fat freezing work? With the help and insight of Dr. Schwarzburg, we were able to get some more information on the procedure.

With their insightful information, we were able to compile a list of 5 reasons why you may be interested in Coolsculpting and how it could help you reach the form that you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. No Cuts, No Injections

A major advantage of Coolsculpting lies in its non-invasive procedure. There are a lot of treatments in the beauty industry that end up causing some amount of harm to the body in order to get the promised results. And while all of them are under strict health and safety regulations to ensure that they don't cause the body any harm, more often than not, they do end up leaving scars, stitches, and a long list of side-effects.

The Coolsculpting procedure doesn’t involve any of this. It’s purely non-invasive, as the entirety of the procedure is performed on the outside of the body. The skin isn’t pierced or cut at any point.

Special Coolsculpting applicators are placed on the designated area of the body that’s being treated. The applicators begin to freeze that area of the body which contains large deposits of fat. The temperature goes down to 11 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 Celsius), which is enough to activate a protocol within the fat cells called “apoptosis”, what is essentially cell suicide.

  1. A Much Safer Alternative

As a result of its non-invasiveness, Coolsculpting is a much safer alternative to its counterparts. Since at no point is any part of your body damaged and no compound is injected, there is pretty much no risk of infections or allergies bothering you afterwards.

Compare that to fat reduction treatments which are performed with a set of injections that burn away the fat, or special incisions which cut the fat cells out of the body. Again, those treatments are also very much safe, but they still come with a very small risk of allergic reactions and other side-effects.

Coolsculpting is a much safer alternative. You don’t have to worry about allergies or as many side-effects, which takes to our next point.

  1. Virtually No Recovery

Any treatment, or rather any artificial change made to your body, comes with some kind of a side-effect. Depending on what this change is, the side-effects will vary in intensity. Modern cosmetic treatments are under constant development so as to keep these reactions to a minimum. But no matter how much effort you put into it, even a partially-invasive treatment is not going to have as few side-effects and short of a recovery time as Coolsculpting.

Now, sure: all our bodies are built differently. Whatever your body reacts to positively may not sit well with someone else. But in the case of Coolsculpting, this is rarely the case. Unless you have a skin condition that prevents you from getting treated, fat freezing should have little to no effect on your body afterwards.

Most patients report feeling a little aching, which is completely natural after an area of your body is continuously exposed to cold temperatures for almost an hour. This aching goes away by itself rather quickly and you won’t have to worry much about it afterwards. You can resume your daily routine immediately, as you won’t be feeling anything that’ll discomfort you to the point of hindering your actions. And a few minor side-effects, like a little bit of redness and soreness disappear on their own within the next following weeks.

  1. Get Treated Once

A huge factor in Coolsculpting’s popularity is how its effect can be permanent, given the right conditions are met. Fat freezing burns away excess fat from the big deposits all over the body. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

This isn’t always true, however, and it entirely depends on the approach you take and the changes in lifestyle you make. After the treatment, if you continue the healthy habits that led to the fat buildup in the first place, the results won’t last very long. Fat freezing can get rid of excess fat, but it won’t prevent new fat from building up.

To counteract this, you’ll simply need to live a physically healthier lifestyle after the treatments. The standard tenets of health and wellness, such as a proper diet, active lifestyle, regular exercising, should be enough to keep the result. It’s just a matter of determination and willingness to change.

  1. Very Accessible

And the last reason why Coolsculpting has gotten so popular in recent years has to do with how accessible it is. This doesn’t just refer to how easy it is to find. Yes, the treatment is available all across the country, in countless cosmetic centers. There are many skilled practitioners who perform Coolsculpting, with some very positive results.

But what would be the point of all those practitioners, if the treatment would be financially inaccessible to most people. Luckily, modern Coolsculpting treatments are very reasonably priced. Practitioners can see that many individuals could use the treatments as a way to improve their form and shape, as well as self-image.

You’ll find many great deals on the treatment, especially if you live in a big city. And considering how you can make the results last you a long while, this one-time investment will reward you with the prize of having to only pay for Coolsculpting once.

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