Tips To Follow After Eyelid Surgery

5 Quick Recovery Tips To Follow After Eyelid Surgery

Sagging and wrinkled eyelids are among the most common and visible signs of aging. It gets frustrating when it comes about earlier than usual. This prompts the victims to restore their youthful and ‘open-eyed’ look. 

Eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) is one way to go about this. And when your surgery is done, you’re probably very eager to see your new look. Here are tips to aid in quick recovery after undergoing eyelid surgery so that you can embrace your new look.

  1. Follow The Doctor’s Instructions

After a successful eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, the doctor will give you a set of instructions that you must follow religiously. Failing to do so will only result in complications that may render the surgery ineffective.

Follow your doctor up in case you come across instructions that are not as clear to you. One of the most grievous mistakes you could ever make is to take matters into your own hands.

Report to your doctor immediately if you sense serious side effects that are beyond your understanding. Request your doctor for a booklet, which should serve you as a manual since the instructions are too in-depth to take in one sitting. 

Your eyes will no longer be the same again after the surgery and will need extra care and pampering. Book an appointment for regular checkups and let the doctor monitor the progress of your eyelids. Be consistent in following the instructions, and speedy recovery will follow.

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  1. Request For an Urgent Leave From Work

Your eyelids are extra sensitive after surgery and require you to be gentle on them. Take time off work as this may end up straining your eyes, slowing down the recovery process, and making things worse.

Bruises and swelling are among the surgery’s repercussions and will take about a week or two to subside. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re fully recovered enough to resume normal activities.

During your leave, avoid heavy tasks and chores. Instead, request help from family and friends. It’s more courteous to inform them as early as the time before you go into surgery.

Bear in mind that full recovery takes place after about a few months. Be cautious as to avoid factors such as light, which may worsen the situation. Always put your sunglasses on if you have to step out of your home.

  1. Mind Your Sleeping Position

After the surgery, even your sleeping position has to change for quick recovery. Avoid your normal sleeping posture as it will only strain the eyelids as well as the affected areas.

Assume the elevated position since it helps in minimizing swelling around the eyes. Make arrangements for about 2 or three more pillows, which your doctor will show you how to arrange strategically.

Note that you should only focus on elevating your head and neck areas rather than the rest of your body. Mattresses with elevation features are not as effective as the pillows your doctor will recommend for you.

Mattresses and pillows are structured differently as pillows offer the right level of support needed for your eyes to experience quick recovery. Seek advice from your doctor on the right mattress and pillows to buy before the surgery.

This move will make it less strenuous on your eyes and general health once you’re fresh from surgery. Avoid sleeping on your side immediately after your surgery. Lie on your back for the first few days at least until the swelling and bleeding reduce significantly.

Though you’ll not experience adverse side effects, follow all the due sleeping procedures, and you’ll be assured of a smooth recovery process.

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  1. Adopt a Healthy Meal Plan

You’ll need all the energy to pump up the levels of recovery after your eyelid surgery. Be keen on your meal plan because it plays a significant role in the entire healing process.

A protein-based diet is essential and must be your meal plan at all mealtimes. Include the likes of beans, eggs, meat, and even nuts into your daily food intake to speed up the recovery of your eyelids after surgery.

Protein plays the all-important role of enabling your body to repair damaged tissue and the likes. The more protein you take determines how well your body can handle any kinds of damages that come its way.

Another significant benefit of consuming proteins is that it fixes and strengthens your muscles. Your eyelids have muscles that enable them to function efficiently when blinking, opening, and even closing.

The muscles around your eyes tend to get weaker and need the boost from protein-based meals. General recovery slows down as you grow older because nature has to take its course.

A lot happens during the surgery than you might be aware of. The surgeon uses tools that manipulate, move, and eventually damage your tissue and muscles. Proteins contain amino acids whose core function is to help in the repair of damaged muscles.

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  1. Avoid Bending Down At All Costs

Bending down has serious repercussions, including swelling of the wounds around your eye area. Keep your head at an elevated position as much as possible to prevent swelling.

If you have to bend to retrieve an object that fell from your grasp, strategically go down on your knees first. Make use of the people around you to avoid putting too much strain on yourself. 

Other Vital Tips

Aside from the crucial tips listed above, others are just as effective in your recovery process. Here are other vital tips for your quick recovery:

  • Avoid touching your eyelids unnecessarily after surgery – As much as you’re bound to experience an itchy and painful feeling at some point, avoid scratching or touching it in any way. Instead, ask your surgeon for better ways to handle such instances. 
  • Avoid watching TV or reading – Your eyelids are sensitive the first few days after the surgery. Subjecting them to screen light may lead to dryness of your eyes. 
  • Follow all due instructions from your surgeon on the right way to clean the skin around your eyelid. Your doctor will also give you specific cleaning agents and other materials to use when cleaning and disinfecting your eyes.
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Final Thoughts

Eyelid surgery can give you a refreshed look, but there is so much involved that you’ll have to be on your toes for it to be a successful one. To ensure the procedure’s overall success, follow the tips discussed above and those from your doctor.

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