7 Delicious High-Protein Foods

7 Delicious High-Protein Foods

Trying to lose weight does not entail starving your body of essential nutrients. Actually, you need to consume high-protein meals in order to lose extra weight and not to gain it again. But it does not mean that you must eat only eggs and chicken breasts. Nowadays, there are a lot of different recipes and methods to make your meals not only healthy and useful, but delicious as well. So, let’s review seven, delicious, high-protein foods that could help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

High-Protein Meal #1: Isagenix Shake 2018

Isagenix weight loss shake is one of the best high-protein foods. It is comprised of a set of essential vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, Calcium) and minerals necessary for our body to stay healthy while helping lose that extra weight. Basically, it does not have any flavor, but still, you can add some milk for better taste. It is better to consume it as a supplementary food and not as a replacement for your main meals. You can select and purchase the most suitable Isagenix shake for you at the website “weightlosstop.com”.

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High-Protein Meal #2: Greek Yogurt

Well, speaking about the Greek Yogurt, we should mention that this one is a natural food. It is a high-protein meal that is very useful for your health. Actually, it has a rather specific taste, but you can add some fruits to improve its taste. In comparison with the traditional yogurt, one portion of this yogurt provides 130-calories and 11 grams of protein.

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High-Protein Meal #3: Casein Pumpkin Protein Shake

As for the Casein Pumpkin Shake, it is important to remember that it should not be thick and difficult to digest. To prepare this shake, you will need a glass of water, 2 spoons of Muscle Pharm Vanilla cream Casein, 1 tablespoon of Imitation Vanilla extract, and 2 glasses of Libbi’s 100% pure pumpkin. This shake provides 269-calories and 52 grams of protein.

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High-Protein Meal #4: Combat Vanilla Peppermint Shake

Recently, because of its increasing popularity, you may have heard a lot about the almighty peppermint. Combat vanilla peppermint shake is not only high-protein and good for your health, it also has a very sweet and delicious taste. For one portion you may need a glass of ice, a glass of unsweetened coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of combat vanilla protein powder, 3 tablespoons of finely crushed peppermint candies, and 2 tablespoons of ground nutmeg. This shake generates 320-calories and 51 grams of protein.

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High-Protein Meal #5: 18 Shake

This weight-loss shake has a special composition – it contains a rich mix of diverse nutrients such as fibers, minerals, vitamins, and two high-quality proteins. This shake has an amazing taste, and you can mix it with milk for better taste. Also, it doesn’t have sugar, comprises low calories, and has the best hunger blockers.

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High-Protein Meal #6: Yoli Essential Shake

This shake is also very popular among people who try to get rid of extra weight. It comprises Acai Berries, Camu-Camu, Maca Root, Non-soy Protein, Sacha inchi, and full amino acid profile. Of course, this one is a rather expensive shake, but it contains the best type of protein.

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High-Protein Meal #7: Shakeology Shake

Speaking about the last protein food on our list, the Shakeology shake is also one of the most expensive shakes. It contains vitamins, minerals, Flax Seed, Pea Protein, Quinoa Seed, Whey Protein, Chia Seed, and Pea Fiber. Actually, it has significant calories and is known to have more sugar than others, but still, it includes only high-quality ingredients.

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So, now you know at least seven delicious high-protein foods. We looked through the main components of each item in our list. Just choose the most suitable for you and try it.

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