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The fast pace of the modern world delivers plenty of opportunities for distractions and fewer opportunities for relaxation. Because of this, it's easy to forget about caring for your health and considering what your body needs.

Fortunately, the same devices that act as distraction, are also used to promote healthier living. Smartphones and tablets are changing both the way we interact with our doctors, and our approach to health.

Health Technology WorksThe following are just a few apps that prove – in a medical sense – we are living in the future:

Digital Sign In

Nearly all doctors’ visits start the same way; approach the counter, and you're given a clipboard with some paperwork. aims to change this by offering a digital solution that allows you to sign a mobile screen to check in. From there, information you previously filled in becomes available to those with the proper permissions to view it. This app also works in other applications that require high security protection but easily accessible client data.

CPR and Pocket First Aid

There are applications on the market today that provide emergency easy-to-use information about CPR, the basics of first aid, and how to use automated external defibrillators. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation can be a life-saving skill in an emergency situation, and this app can make it a lot easier for you to jump into action when a friend, family member, or complete stranger is in need of urgent medical health. It's probably not an app that you'll use on a daily basis, but you'll be glad you have it when the right time comes.

Even if you don't use CPR, having an application on hand that gives you the basic information about first aid can be useful when you're going on trips with friends and family, at work in the office, at a sporting event, and so forth.

Symptom Checker Apps

If you or your loved ones frequently suffer with headaches that seem to emerge out of nowhere, or random pains throughout your body, there are applications that can help you to track surprising symptoms and decide whether they warrant a doctors' visit. Apps such as Symple actually allow you to keep daily photos and notes, record medications, exercise, and various other factors that might influence how you feel. It also comes with an option for easy exportation, so you can hand the information over to your doctor when you're ready.

Dieting and Cooking Apps

These days, we're becoming more and more aware that a healthy diet is an important part of decent health. Sometimes, finding the right foods to eat in the right way can be a difficult task, and we might struggle to break out of our regular food routine without a little bit of inspiration.

Fortunately, recipes have gone digital, and there are now applications that allow you to browse through thousands of meal options according to cuisine, course, or special dietary requirements. There are even similar applications that can help you choose your meals in correspondence with your weight loss goals. These apps can send you reminders about what you should eat, what you should avoid, and how you can maintain that pivotal level of motivation needed to adhere to your diet ambitions.

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