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These days, it seems that everyone, from children to the elderly, are part of the smartphone revolution. That’s because smartphones offer something for everyone in the form of mobile applications. Younger users often enjoy whiling the time away with gaming apps such as “Angry Birds,” while older smartphone owners can use their devices to plan their finances or even search for a new home to buy. As for the elderly, there are now a number of healthcare-based mobile apps that allow seniors to conveniently monitor many aspects of their wellbeing.

One such group of apps is specifically geared towards helping those on prescription medications monitor their intake. In fact, these apps can be useful to anyone – no matter the age – who is trying to manage their daily medicinal intake in a hectic and modern world.

MedCoach – free, iPhone

This app is one of the highest-rated medicine-management apps around, as voted on by users. MedCoach is fvairly straightforward in that it is designed primarily to help remind people as when to take their medications. It features a number of alerts, a personal medication schedule, pill log, pill and drug info database and more. It also connects right to the user’s pharmacy in order to make refilling prescriptions a breeze.

MedHelper – free – Android

MedHelper prides itself on being a personal “healthcare assistant.” This app can be used by individuals or caregivers in order to keep track of prescriptions and compliance. The app even provides helpful info based on a person’s blood type and allergy history. MedHelper comes with a number of alarms that can be set to notify the user when he or she needs to take a certain pill as well as when certain medications are running low.

Medicines List – free – iPhone

This app, developed by a not-for-profit, comes equipped with tracking features that allow the user to set reminder alerts, which helps the user to maintain a strict intake schedule. One other useful factor to this app is that it can track medicine by brand and active ingredient and provide vital information based on this data.

Med Minder – free — Android

This is another full-featured med app for android that comes with the usual host of features, including alarms, status notifications, pill scheduler and others. One convenient aspect of this app is that its use won’t drain the smartphone’s battery. One drawback is that automatic updates can cause the system to reset, and reset all personally customized alarm settings as well.

iPills – free – iPhone

This is a good, straightforward option for those who neither need nor want a lot of extra features in their med-management app. It offers a simple interface in which the user enters his or her med info as well as time intervals and the app does the rest in the form of alerts and reminders.

These are just a few options on the market ideal for helping those with prescription-med needs to manage their intake. These options are not just great choices because of their free price tag, but because they all can accurately accommodate any med schedule and provide crucial alerts in the process.

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