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Top 3 Qualities of a Good Treatment Center

Every time a patient goes to a treatment center, he/she is wary of being judged for not taking good care of himself or herself or being a bad person. Instead of allaying the patient’s fears, some treatment centers add to the patient’s anxiety by judging the patient’s past actions that led to or worsened their current state of addiction. One of the most difficult admissions for an addict in his/her lifetime is to admit that he/she has an addiction, and that it is a problem. And this is where a good treatment center plays an important role – to help an addict realise that he/she has an addiction problem and to seek help for it.

A good quality treatment center not only helps to identify an addiction, it also helps to find the right solution by applying different methods tailored to each individual’s needs, without judging or criticising, but rather supporting them in every way to overcome their deadly addiction.

The Top 3 Qualities of a Good Treatment Center

Top 3 qualities of a Good Treatment Center that one should ensure before checking into a drug treatment center are:

1. Excellent Credentials of the Rehabilitation Team: Although clinical care is at the heart of any rehabilitation program, it is the credentials and experience of the Behavioural Health Technicians (BHTs) and other support staff that will make a difference in the long run.

Recovered addicts make the best Behavioural Health Technician and other support staff as they can easily empathize with the patients. However, sobriety among such staff is of great importance while trying to help a recovering addict. A strictly sober staff makes for excellent credentials for a rehabilitation center.

Before you check into a treatment center, be sure to check the credentials of all members of the rehabilitation team including the experts and support staff. You can also insist on interviewing past attendees and patients for a feedback. This will ultimately decide whether you succeed or fail in therapy.

2. Individually Tailored Care: Another important area of focus at a treatment center should be to provide individually tailored care to the patients. This is because a single-sized coat never fits all. The treatment methods and duration should be guided by the patient’s specific needs and should not be a limited to a rigid protocol that fails to assess each individual with special needs.

A good treatment center like Origins Treatment Center will focus on each individual as a separate entity, tailoring the treatment to the patient’s specific needs. This helps the patient to accept therapy without much resistance, eventually speeding up the recovery process.

Origins Treatment Center has a highly dedicated team of qualified staff who regularly monitor the patients for any specific needs and make necessary changes to provide the personal care necessary for recovery.

3. Peaceful and Pleasant Environments: Upholding the privacy, security and comfort of its patients is of paramount importance for speedy recovery of patients. A quiet, peaceful, and pleasant environment can work wonders for the mind that is just embarking on the tough journey to recovery.

While most programs insist on a “no-contact” policy during the initial period of adjustment, you should be able to monitor the patient’s progress without him/her noticing you.

A good treatment center is transparent in their approach, while providing a peaceful and quiet environment within the confines of a facility without much outside interference.

Expert Speak

Dr Phil talks about Origins Recovery Center as providing a comprehensive continuum of truly individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs for adults, including those with co-occurring disorders. He highlights the gender-specific treatment programs provided by Origins which unite effective addiction medicine and evidence-based clinical strategies with a profound immersion in the timeless Twelve-Step experience.

Origins Recovery Center is strongly based on the top 3 qualities that make a good treatment center. It provides a comprehensive treatment solutions for various types of addictions while also providing facilities for transitional programs and clinically-supervised sober living.

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