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Prescription Meds – The New Era, The New Addiction

Pain: Who has not experienced pain in their lives as humans? The symptom that tells you that there is something not alright with your system is expressed in the form of pain. It can be experienced in any part of the body such as muscles, headaches, joint pains and other parts.

The severity of the pain also is different in different parts of the body. The reasons for these painful conditions vary depending on the severity of the condition. As we age, there appear different types of physical and emotional changes that lead to the deterioration of general health and thereby the need to mend the deficiency and to lead a stress free and productive life.

When pain strikes, productivity of the person is what suffers the most. This in turn triggers other effects such as anxiety, mental depression and insomnia which within a short while take a toll on the general health of the person most importantly the emotional and mental health which can be very easily noticed.

It is Prescribed!

The tolerance level of each person is different from the next and this is the reason why some people are able to endure pain while others cannot. But the intensity of the pain dictates whether any person would be able to endure it or not and when pain is suffered, it becomes a very nagging pest and many would like to fight it with medication so that they can return to a normal and productive life style. Here is where the doctors prescribe pain medications to manage the excruciating ordeal and here is where the habit formation happens. When it prolongs, the person would not be able to tolerate the pain without these medications he or she becomes dependent on the pain relievers.

Many habituated individuals realize that it is time to detox themselves and not to return to the pain medications. Those medications that contain the benzo molecule need to be detoxified and it can be a very difficult process. Many however want to come out of the habit and they try whatever they think is the right procedure to come out of it which may or may not work out well. Hence it is important to remember that Detoxing From Benzos at Home is Dangerous and Should always seek a specialized clinic. which will make the whole process very professional and under medical guidance and observation.

How Does it Work?

The process of de-addiction in the patients is carried out by giving an intravenous medications and fluids that remove the toxins from the blood and then they get eliminated from the human system easily but the process requires some time and it has to be carried out under strict medical supervision. Instead of using any of the antidote medications in the form of pills or tablets which take a long time before reaching the blood stream, the intra venous method of therapy supplies the fluid form of the antidote directly into the blood stream and thus the process is made to speed up a bit.

After all the toxins are eliminated from the system, the patient has to undergo a rehabilitation process by which an aftercare program is organized in order to make sure that the patient has completely recovered from the habit both physically and emotionally. Emotional or psychological dependence on the pain killer medicines will be detected in this case and there is also an emergency help through which the patient can contact the hospital and receive the much needed care of the doctors.

The Side Effects

There are certain conditions which the patient may have to endure if the withdrawal symptoms happen and they include insomnia, nervousness, it might cause serious and severe headaches, body pains, nausea and several such side effects when the patient does the detox process all by oneself.


a contact number is provided so that they can have expert advice as the detoxing from benzos is dangerous and should always seek a specialized clinic.

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