Five Wellness Strategies

Five Wellness Strategies that can Put Substance Abuse in the Past

People who are serious about putting the world of drug addiction behind them need to know how they can realize the objective. If you're a drug addict who is serious about ending substance abuse and beginning a life marked by holistic health and happiness, this article is for you. Utilize the strategies discussed in the body of this article to get and remain on the path to complete, permanent recovery and healthy living:

 1. Embrace Rehab

Although rehabilitation centers can help drug addicts exact powerful, positive change in their lives, there is still a stigma regarding rehab. Nevertheless, addicts who are serious about holistic recovery and healthy living need to stop worrying about how they will be perceived by others if they enroll in a recovery center. By allowing professional drug treatment workers to assist you with the healing process, you can experience profound healing in your mind and body. Organizations like Drug Treatment Center Finder specialize in helping Bronx residents find the ideal facility. There are numerous Bronx, NY Drug Treatment Centers available, and one will be right for you. These facilities help addicts in many ways, such as by showing them how to find balance in recovery.

2. Invest In A Monthly Massage

Physical regeneration is an integral and immensely important component of the drug recovery process. Drugs wreak havoc on the body, and this reality is manifest in things like hampered immunity and impaired memory. However, massage therapy is a strategy you can incorporate to regenerate your body so that your physiological system is restored to a healthy state. There are numerous benefits that you can attain from massage, and one of them is the removal of toxins from the body. Other benefits include improved circulation, enhanced flexibility, and lowering of the blood pressure. When you start looking for the ideal massage therapy center, some of the key strategies to locate include:

  • positive online feedback
  • a great Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating (A or higher)
  • industry experience (at least ten years in operation)
  • a good refund policy
  • excellent customer service

3. Join An Online Community

When an individual is recovering from drug addiction, it is important for her or him to be immersed in a community of people who lead healthy lifestyles. All too often, addicts attempt to recover from drugs yet continue socializing with individuals who are either active drug users or encourage other people to engage in various unhealthy behaviors. You need to avoid these people at all costs and replace their presence with a community of individuals who are driven by a desire to lead productive, positive lives. One great way to do this is by joining an online community. An example would be a message board devoted to discussing health and fitness related topics like how to prepare for a marathon and which foods to eat to promote weight management.

4. Make Daily Exercise A Must

Research studies indicate that only 50% of Americans exercise regularly. This is a travesty because exercise plays an integral role in optimizing the body's function. Moreover, exercise can help accelerate the restoration process for individuals whose bodies have been adversely impacted by long-term drug abuse. There are many ways that you can make daily exercise a part of your lifestyle, such as by joining a gym in your local area or hiring a yoga instructor. It's also a good idea to commit to walking outside for fifteen minutes a day. In many cases, people get in the habit of exercising indoors. While this modality is effective and beneficial, ongoing, regular exposure to natural elements such as the sun and wind is a life-giving reality that you definitely want to access.

5. Implement SMART Goals

Most people have at least one vision or desire that they have yet to see realized. This concept is true for drug addicts, and that's why setting goals is important. People who write down goals pertaining to their personal or professional lives are much more effective in realizing them. As such, it's important for you to write down exactly what you want to accomplish on your road to recovery and how you will do it. The best way to make it happen is by implementing SMART goals. The acronym SMART stands for an objective that is Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-specific. An example of a good SMART goal would be “I will run for one hour three days a week to lose five pounds per month.”


If you're ready to move beyond the world of drug addiction and the depravity it engenders, don't delay the process. Instead, start building a healthy life now by using the tips and techniques outlined above!

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