Effective Tattoo Removal Process

Secret to Fast and Effective Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoos signify a number of things – gesture of remembrance, a way of marking a major milestone in one’s life or represent a personal philosophy. However, the tattoos that once defined our skin necessarily doesn’t remain perpetually relevant. Maybe you regret having the ex’s name etched on your arm or may be a night of too much fun resulted in a tattoo that you do not like anymore and just want to get it removed. Whatever the case, if you have decided to have the tattoo removed, it’s best to have it expertly and thoroughly removed. Visit a dermatologist specialising in tattoo removal with high-end laser tattoo removal machine or IPL machine. The thought of tattoo removal can be daunting, however, if approached right, it doesn’t have to be.

Tatoo Removal Process

Luckily, there are few safe, healthy and natural ways to speed up your results between treatment sessions.

  • Boost your Immune System

Tattoo removal relies on the immune system of the body to clear away the ink particles. Light from tattoo removal equipment penetrates the epidermis, thereby breaking down the pigment into smaller particles which are then removed by special white blood cells (macrophages). So, the better the immune system and more aggressive the white blood cells, the more successful a tattoo removal process will be. That is why boosting your immune system is essential, just focus on healthy living, prevention and eat immune boosting foods and you will be surprised how well your body responds.

  • Avoid the Sun

Exposing your tattoo to sunlight increases the risk for hypo pigmentation. This is because sun exposure increases the level of melanin and when you go for the session the laser light will not be able to differentiate between the ink and your skin thus leading to hypo-pigmentation and burning. In order to have your tattoo removed safely and effectively in as few sessions as possible, it is recommended that you keep the tattooed area out of the sun for at least 6 weeks prior to treatment and also in between sessions. If you need to go out wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or more and keep the tattoo covered.

  • Keep yourself Hydrated

Here is yet another way to drink more water. Increasing your water intake can greatly impact how quickly tattoo removal treatment works. Water helps increase kidney function allowing them to flush out ink particles more quickly, helps in the production of lymph to get rid of toxins in the body and keeps your skin in good condition. The better your skin is, the more efficiently it will respond to treatment.

  • Don’t Smoke

Smoking hinders the process of tattoo removal as it constricts the body’s blood vessels and slows down the ability to dispose of the ink particles. However, we do understand that quitting is a long and difficult process, we recommend trying to cut back to get the most out of your treatment. Many people have found that making the commitment to tattoo removal is a great motivator to reduce or quit smoking.

  • Get Active

Getting your body up and moving will increase blood circulation thereby helping to break down ink particles faster. Try to add more physical activity to your daily routine and you will be more likely to see better results from the treatment. Visiting the gym a few times a week or even just walking for half an hour on daily basis can speed up the tattoo removal process.

  • Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on your immune system as it elevates the cortisol levels which suppress the immune system. However, stress is a normal part of life but some activities such as yoga and meditation can be very helpful in reducing stress. Staying stress-free during the treatment sessions will help in speed up the treatment process as well as healing and keep your mind and body on track for successful results.

  • Get your Zzz’s

Sleep is important to keep your body and mind healthy, getting full eight hours sleep helps your body recover, heal and rejuvenate better. Not only does sleep make you feel better, it also boosts up your immune system and keeps you from getting sick. Lack of adequate sleep can have a negative effect on the immune system making it more susceptible to bacterial infections and thus hindering the process of tattoo removal. For a proper good night’s sleep, get into a routine of sleeping and waking at the same time, avoid caffeine and nicotine before bed and keep all gadgets away.

There is no magic way to speed up the tattoo removal, but by following these tips the results can certainly be optimised and improved.

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