War on Cancer

Three Steps We’re Taking to Turn the Tide in the War on Cancer

Cancer has long been an enemy to all of humanity. It robs us of loved ones, our health and valuable years and resources. For a long time, there has been a pessimism about truly taking the fight to the disease. It comes in so many forms that the idea of accurate treatment has seemed impossible. But now we’re starting to see exciting shifts in the medical community. Now, it’s looking like we might finally be starting to properly turn the tides in the war on cancer.

War on Cancer


Laser treatment

Lasers have been used in medicine for all kinds of reasons for years. Only recently have we been able to see the ways this technology can be used against the dread of cancer. Whilst there are no forms of cancer that can be fully eradicated with lasers yet, we have begun to see the application of the tech in treating symptoms. Lasers are able to target and heat up identified cancer cells in the body. This can cause great damage and even destroy the cancer cells entirely. Lasers are able to help in treating many early forms of cancer like penile, vulvar, vaginal cancers and more.


The idea of using live animals in medical trials is one that will strike a lot of people as a point of some moral contention. It’s easy to see why. But to disregard it entirely is to disregard just how important that xenografting has been in fighting cancer. To see more about how the process works, see Hera BioLabs and similar companies. See how they use rat and mouse test subjects to host human tumor cells. It’s this kind of xenografting that has led to some of the biggest developments in fighting cancer we might be using in the near future. Developments like giving the human immune system the ability to finally fight cancer on its own. If we want to be able to research the means to truly fight cancer with all we can, we must rely on xenotransplantation.

The Food we Eat

It’s not just treatment that we’re putting more effort into studying. Nowadays, we realize just how important the food we eat can be to our body. Even to our chances of developing and resisting cancer. For example, broccoli has a compound that boosts our production of protective enzymes. It also gets rid of cancer-causing chemicals. Berries contain anthocyanins that slow down the growth of cells that could turn malignant. On the other hands, animal fats and processed meats can be the exact opposite of what you need. Obesity isn’t unhealthy for its own reasons, it’s also a big cancer predictor. What we eat has huge rippling consequences for our health. Giving you just one more reason to get more than five fruit and veg a day.

For now, much of the treatment is likely to stay the same. Radiation treatment, chemotherapy, and excising tumors will be the weapons we use for now. But we’re developing better ones as time goes on. Now, for the first time, an end to the threat of cancer could be on the horizon.

Cancer Activism Cartoon

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