We talked about several ways you can quickly overcome stress in a previous article. From our previous discussion, we know that overcoming stress is all about maintaining balance and being able to calm the mind. Overcoming stress also doesn’t always mean dropping everything you do and walking away. Sometimes, accomplishments and some extra motivation can really help too.

Ways to Overcome Stress

Prioritize the Things You Need to Do

Whenever you’re feeling stressed because there are so many things you need to get done, the best way to alleviate that stress is by taking a closer look at the existing tasks. Don’t worry about getting them done just yet. Prioritize the tasks in hand based on their importance and their deadlines.

Next, start working your way towards completing those tasks one by one, beginning with the one at the top of your priority list. Starting will be the most difficult part in this case, but once you get started, the rest will be very easy to do.

You will also feel so much better as you finish one task after another. Get that first task out of the way and you’ll start feeling better about yourself. The extra motivation you get – and the warm feeling inside you upon completing an important task – will help you keep going without feeling stressed out.

Pursue a Big Accomplishment

A lot of my friends in nursing sought an online RN to BSN degree as a way to fight stress and pressure. Having a clear set of goals and going on a pursuit for a bigger accomplishment may just be what you need to stay motivated. The nurses I mentioned before, for instance, are joining online accelerated nursing program from top universities.

You too can pursue something big in life. The pursuit – and the goal you’re trying to achieve – will help keep your mind focused and away from stress. A bachelor’s or a master’s degree is a great idea for two reasons. Top universities and their distance learning programs make getting the degree of your choice much easier than you think. Arizona State University is opening online learning programs you can join, along with other big universities from across the country.

Second of all, learning can help keep you active and motivated in more ways than you think. As you discover new things and learn about new skills, you will also get a boost in self-confidence and motivation; both of these things will help lower your stress levels.

Stay Healthy

It is easy to start taking the unhealthy path towards relieving stress. Drinking too much or turning to junk or comfort food are often the ways people cope with their problems. Staying true to a healthy lifestyle, however, is the better way to go.

Whenever you’re stressed out, try running on a treadmill for 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat this step every time you’re in a bad mood or the pressure starts creeping back. You’ll be surprised by how much you will feel better about yourself in just 30 minutes. Exercise can really help a lot.

This last tip, combined with the previous two we talked about earlier, can really help you deal with stress more effectively. Don’t forget to also check out our previous article – and future updates – for more ways to overcome stress.

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