Fat Freezing and Body Sculpting

Fat Freezing and Body Sculpting

Believe it or not, but these two things go hand in hand. Freezing is a great way to burn away excess fat and sculpt out various parts of the body. Many people don’t really believe fat freezing actually works, but there is a very clear science and methodology behind cryolipolysis.

Fat Freezing and Body Sculpting

The best way to check out how fat freezing works is to see it for yourself. Dr. Schwarzburg, a Manhattan-based cosmetic dermatologist has plenty of experience treating various patients and routinely receives positive feedback about life changing transformations that his patients go through.

What catches most patients off guard is how seamless the procedure is and how it almost works like magic. The truth is, however, that there is no magic and fat freezing does work.

You can check out countless before and after photos to see the effects for yourself. One way or another, this may just be what you’ve been trying to find for a very long time.

So, we’ll be taking a look at all the important general information about Coolsculpting and everything you’ll need to know before making an appointment.

How It Actually Works

Before you know the intricacies of the procedure, it does sound like magic. But believe me, it really isn’t. There’s a genuine science behind it and when you learn about it, Coolsculpting starts to make a lot of sense.

There are many methods for fat cell reduction. Some treatments extract them from under the skin. Others inject a certain compound which dissolves the excess fat to smooth out the area. Most treatments will require some kind of incision or cut to be made into your skin. This makes them at the very least minimally-invasive procedure.

But Coolsculpting is non-invasive. Not a single bit of skin will be damaged throughout the whole process. The procedure is performed entirely on the outside of the skin. It takes advantage of a little weakness that our fat cells have to freezing temperatures. When they come into contact with the cold long enough, fat cells naturally dispose of themselves through a process called “apoptosis”. They shrivel up and slowly break away from the fat clump one by one, until that area of the body smooths itself out.

How Coolsculpting Takes Advantage of This

So if you apply constant cold temperatures to a particular part of the body, you can expect it to react accordingly. By placing special cold pads onto the selected areas, the fat cells get exposed to temperatures cold enough for apoptosis to begin. This means placing pads, which can be as cold as -11 degrees celsius, which is around 12 degrees fahrenheit, on your body for 40 to 50 minutes.

At first, this sounds somewhat uncomfortable. But remember: your skin gets used to cold temperatures pretty quick. Even if it gets to freezing temperatures, the skin adapts to the cold and goes numb. Basically, you won’t feel a thing after the first 7 to 10 minutes of the treatment. Initially, the cold may feel uncomfortable, but after the 10 minutes mark, when the numbness kicks in, you can just sit back and relax.

The entire procedure is non-invasive, no incisions or cuts required. And as a result, the recovery is much quicker, safer and virtually painless.

The Post-Treatment Experience

If you think the treatment only happens in the cosmetic center, then you’re not entirely correct. A major factor that determines how the results are going to look comes after the procedure itself.

The recovery period for most cosmetic treatments is a crucial point in the entire Coolsculpting process. You won’t see the results until you’ve fully recovered. So the question isn’t whether or not there’s going to be a recovery period, but rather how long it’s going to last.

Many cosmetic treatments can take weeks, even months, for your body to fully recover from. This is because your skin needs to fix up the cuts and incisions made during the treatment, maybe even wait for your body as it adapts to an injected compound.

But since Coolsculpting is non-invasive, the recovery is a much simpler process. Immediately after the procedure, you’ll feel the treated area lightly ache, which is normal. Your body is just returning from an almost hour’s worth of freezing and needs some time to get back to its normal state. After that, for the next few days, you may feel tugging or even notice bruising in the treated area, but this goes away within the first week.

In general, you won’t feel anything that’ll cause you great discomfort and take you out of your daily routine. Sure, the aching can be a little distracting, but not to the point that it obstructs your work or the time you spend with your loved ones. And after a few days, it’ll naturally go away on its own and never bother you again.

Waiting for The Magic

Being a treatment that relies more on your body’s natural abilities than artificial compounds or other surgical practices, Coolsculpting does come with a price. By naturally sculpting the body, you’re signing up for a little extra waiting compared to other forms of fat reduction treatments.

For the conclusive results of Coolsculpting to become visible, your body needs anywhere from 3 to 4 months. The fat cells need to deteriorate on their own, one by one, which you can imagine takes a lot of time. And while almost half a year does seem like an eternity, considering the many advantages of Coolsculpting, it really is worth it.

There are many cosmetic centers that service patients who are ready to wait and actually see it as a test of patience. Skinly Aesthetics provides the Coolsculpting treatment to tons of patients looking to shape and sculpt their bodies. They’re happy to go through with the treatment, excited for the perfect body they’ll be seeing in the mirror within the following months.

And if you see the before and after photos for yourself, you’ll really understand the hype behind Coolsculpting. Yes, fat freezing does work and it works like magic. Many people all over the world have been able to sculpt their bodies to absolute perfection with nothing more than a little cold. A simple 40 to 50 minute procedure can get you the body you’ve been asking for.

And it’s now closer to you than it has ever been. Find your local practitioner and see how Coolsculpting can improve your body image.

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