Know your Arthritis

Stuff You Don’t Know About Arthritis But Should

What causes Arthritis?

Arthritis is caused by a breakdown of cartilage and connective tissues around your joints. This can be due to wear, genetic factors or as in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), the immune system attacks the cartilage and causes the inflammation and pain.

Any age?

Arthritis is often associated with old age, but people of any age can get arthritis, especially the RA kind. It is not necessarily a senior citizen's disease. Neither is it an unavoidable art of ageing. There are plenty of treatments for the condition out there.

The Symptoms

While you might think arthritis as just joint pain, but there are other symptoms to watch out for as well. These include swelling and stiffness in the joints that is particularly bad in the morning. As RA is caused by a faulty immune system, you can also lose your appetite and be very tired or anaemic.

You can see a rheumatology specialist for a diagnosis

Helping the Old

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There are actually doctors who specialize in the diseases of the connective tissues. If you are struggling with arthritis-like symptoms, it is a good idea to pay them a visit and get a definite diagnosis. This will help in formulating an arthritis treatment plan and getting you the right therapy to get back up and moving again.

There is a wide choice of pain relief options

Tablets Arthritis

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Many people, even those suffering from arthritis don't realise that they are a selection of way that they can manage their pain. Of course there are pain relief drugs, ranging from paracetamol to morphine depending on the severity of your case. But some sufferers have found some relief by using a TENS Machine. These small machines send out an electrical current through an attached wire to the affected areas. This shocks the nerves endings prevents them picking up the pain signals.

Others have found that pain management clinics have been able to provide them with techniques to ease their suffering. The methods like mindfulness and breathing through the pain can help them to continue living full and active lives.

Alternative therapies have been proven to help the condition

When you are dealing with pain like in a condition like arthritis its can be scary to try anything new incase it makes it worse. But research shows that some sufferers have found using alternative therapies like acupuncture helpful. Discuss your options with your doctors and make sure that you don't stop any of your medication if you are thinking of doing this.

Simple changes can help alleviate the problem

Healthy Diet for Arthritis

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Another little know fact about arthritis is how much of an effect that the thing you eat can have on it. Did you know that plants and vegetables that are part of the deadly nightshade family, can cause arthritis flare-ups? Keep away from bell peppers, tomatoes and potatoes can help you manage your condition. You can find arthritis diet books on Amazon, which can give you suggestions on what to avoid, and how to cook and eat without them.

Arthritis Cartoon

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